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as a young man still making the most good as well. ____👊
for in the old days did not bother difficult.😉😉
reece718 140w ago
One day ill wear them, but not TODAY 😆
reece718 181w ago
One of the best colorways of the XIV
reece718 182w ago
Goin to a weddin n some J's... some1 is gonna b mad,lol.... but its all lov :-)
reece718 182w ago
My first pair of Retro 2's and im happy... Lov tha colorway
reece718 184w ago
To tired to set up a pic so heres a old one😔
reece718 184w ago
Some wont remember or just wast collecting at tha time... #RetroXIII
reece718 184w ago
XIII 2005... I heard these may come bac out this year😏... I aint got no worries... Look at my toe box😱
reece718 185w ago
DMP for that ass... One of my top ✋'s
reece718 185w ago
Dont strive to be better than others, strive to be better than your best self....