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Guys the @museumoficecream is extending their stay in LA 🍦🍨🍧 Last chance to pose super serious like me in a plastic sprinkle pool 🤣 #girlsbelike #museumoficecream #allpinkeverything
Just a few hours left to take $20 OFF sitewide! 💸🍩🍕🍦 Order something yummy TODAY using this promo code at checkout: FALLBELLY20 ▶▶▶ GOLDBELY.COM (offer ends tonight!)
⭐️SWIPE TO SEE ALL 4 PHOTOS⭐️. Do I even need to mention that this is another Vanilla Battle contender? You should know that by now, if you've been reading my reviews long enough😜. But don't worry or roll your eyes - this will be the FINAL Vanilla Battle installment👊🏻🍦. According to the @sprinklescupcakes website, this Vanilla Bean flavor features, "sweet cream infused with pure nielsen-massey madagascar bourbon vanilla and sprinkled with flecks." This flavor can be summed up in 5 words: frozen. vanilla. marshmallow. whipped. cream. 😍 WOWZA! The insanely thick, whipped cream-esque texture; pure vanilla bean aroma; super smooth, indulgent, bold vanilla/sweet cream flavor. I rate this Vanilla Bean flavor (ON THE VANILLA SCALE) a 10/10, and it’s tied in 1st place with @bluemarblebk for my #1 Vanilla pick (this is #1 Vanilla Bean, Blue Marble is #1 for a more French Vanilla-style flavor)🏆. Seriously, just imagine housemade, gourmet whipped cream, swirled with fresh vanilla bean specks & sweet cream. This is it - nothing "plain" or gritty about it. To say that I'm impressed with Sprinkles ice cream would be a serious understatement (which I'm sure you can gather, after reading the 3 reviews in this initial series). I know that they're mainly famous for their cupcake goodies, but let me tell you - do NOT miss out on Sprinkles ice cream, if you check out their scoop shops or online offerings (via the @goldbely online store). I can guarantee that I'll be a repeat customer & hope to try/review more flavors in the near future. High quality ingredients & perfect execution of frozen delights = a spectacular Sprinkles specialty, if you ask me💁🏼. Please stay tuned for more food reviews! Thanks for reading & for your support🙌🏻.
Attention Ugly Muggers - we are about to make your Monday with this bad boy.. introducing the 'Cookie Monster' which consists of baked double choc chip cookie dough w/ marshmallows, shortbread crumble topped with ice cream, nutella and sprinkles! #dessert #special #cookie #cookiemonster #uglymug

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