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sade1111 218w ago
Happy Birthday to one of the most incredible spirits I have had the honor to know & love! Hope you are enjoying your conjuring time & surf lessons in Costa Rica @jauretsi Love you to Life Girl!😘😘🌴🌊🏊🏄✏📓🎉🎂👙👯🙇🙏🎈🌅⛵🎊💓💕💖💞💗
sade1111 282w ago
Straight buggin' 👀 out & celebratin' 🍸🎉 on the last day of @jr_artist & @joseparla monumental work in #cuba #sistasofcuba
jauretsi 301w ago
Great find: la edad de oro (the golden age), is a collection of 4 issues he published of a childrens magazine. He was also a professor, political theorist, and overall revolutionary philosopher. One of the poems from his book "versos sencillos" (simple verses) was turned into the song "guantanamera". Marti was one of the finest latin american intellectuals, and always defended cubas independence to the core. #habanavieja #sistasofcuba
jauretsi 301w ago
A great find. A collection of Camilo Cienfuegos stories published in Bohemia pre-revolution #habanavieja #cubanrevolution #sistasofcuba
jauretsi 301w ago
The caretakers of my casa particular showed me a phot of our block before the revolution (1959) and today. #cubanrevolution #heartbreakingcuba #habanavieja #sistasofcuba
jauretsi 301w ago
These elegant bourgeois set of furniture was oddly placed in the middle of our hotel lobby with red ribbon ties forbidding anyone to sit and enjoy. Our hotel sits at the foot of habana vieja, an area of regal architecture yet riddled with stark poverty, roaming tourists drunk on romanticism. The hotel display is a fitting metaphor for the island nation. #cubanrevolution #sistasofcuba