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토론토 와서 11일만에 외식했다.
샐러드킹 양 진짜 많다.
나답지 않게 반이나 남김..😭
이제 와서 생각해보니 다 먹을껄 아깝네..
#배고파 #SaladKing #IslamicNoodle
Career talk - WED OCT 25/17
@ubsr Being the 🔌w/ some
Free #saladking Hooking it up with some workshops on how to job search and get prepared for that interview for a dream job!
After a solid compound lift day today, squat, dead and bench I Had a salad the size of my head 😂 yes, that's a serving bowl hahaha.
Love me some kale 😍🌱💯And mango !!
#saladking #bigbowls #plantpower #vegan #kalethemwithkindness #CrueltyFree 😉🤙🌱💚💪💯💯💯

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