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When you look at your reflection and wonder how the f**k did it become like this? Is this really your life? I don’t even recognise myself anymore… But we are back in business. I’m still standing and it ain’t going to stop me from getting closer to health 💪🏼 This is my normality and reality, but hopefully it is a battle that will be eventually won, even if I have to live with the battle scars. At least I can add multitasking to my CV. I think by now all of us are more than qualified to take on anything after this hellhole of a journey. You forget when you just live day by day what normal life is like, but as a friend tells me you have survived, you can do anything after this.
The many adventures of motherhood. Aubree got sick on Tuesday and shared all of her good germs with me😔. But she never lets me rock and cuddle her like this anymore, so Im just soaking it all in (along with the fussiness, no sleep, etc lol) while I can bc it wont be like this for long ❤ #SickSelfie #AubreeCathryn #2DrVisitsInOneWeek #ReadyToFeelBetter
How i feel about being sick...... lip gloss and brows at least make me look acceptable in public lol.
#carselfies #selfie #sickselfie #sick😷 #momsdontgetsickdays #butthisweathertho #loverly #momlife #momlifebestlife
That awkward moment when you go into ER, where you stay on a bed in a hallway getting morphine for almost 9 hours, get transferred to a room, sleep for 2 hours, and then put out again for 4 hours of surgery, and you wake up and realize, you left your mascara on and all that’s left is puddled in your eyehole bags.
#nomakeup ? #michellesfirsthospitalstay #freshtodeath #eyebrowsonfleek #sickselfie #dontworryaboutme lol

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