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User Image space_eats Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:26 AM (UTC)
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Been craving a good cruffin these past couple days. I may have to get up early next week to snag a few before they sell out.
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User Image jennmini Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:26 AM (UTC)
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요즘 엄청 슬로우해서 리저브 블락 6일동안 공항대기 두번 출근하고 노 트립에다가 오프까지 끼는 바람에 의도치않게 2주정도 #비행 없는 중 👀
그래서 열심히 짐 옮기느라 번갯불에 콩 볶듯 #피닉스 왔다갔다 중인데 백년만에 아슈 다닐 때 출근도장 일주일에 세네번은 기본으로 찍던 단골집들 여기저기 방문했는데 모든게 그대로. 주인아즈씨도 그대로, 테이블도 그대로. 아즈씨는 내가 상경했다가 성공해서 돌아온것마냥 자꾸 허벌나게 달라졌다고 요즘 뭐허냐고 묻는데 “항공사에서 일하고 있어요, 샌프란시스코로 이사갔어요..”라는 말을 하는게 어찌나 멋쩍던지 💦
왜냐면 우리가 느끼는 우리는 옛날 그 모습 그대로니까. 나이는 망각하고, 서로 멀리 떨어져서 각자의 삶을 바삐 살다보면 생각하지 않고 간직하고있던 모습들이, 특정 장소에 가면 새록새록 다시 살아나고 머릿속에 상기되니까. 그때가 가장 좋았지, 싶다가도 그때의 나는 정말 형편없고 불안정했어. 실수인걸 알면서도 달리 할 수 없던 선택들. 그래서 내가 지금 알고있는걸 그때로 고대로 가져갈수만 있다면, 그 사람들이랑, 꼭 그 사람들이랑 같이 학교다니던 철부지 시절로 돌아가고싶다.,👧🏾
winnnf 13m ago
pic from the weekend bc that’s a time where I become a smol tourist doing cool touristy things unless u guys want to see me snacking on cheetos and crying my eyes out while watching This is Us during my commute to work
User Image fanfanweiqi2510 Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:26 AM (UTC)

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User Image alfiesitspretty Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:21 AM (UTC)

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Sunset dinner for 1, the main course tonight is 🎾. Yum!
User Image imrinababy Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:23 AM (UTC)

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User Image Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:24 AM (UTC)
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I have barely ever taken a nap in my adult life. But I have been known to pause and switch gears out of the blue. I feel like I went into full zombie mode for about a month....or four. I am not sure what happened, but last night, after these long months of hibernation: My brain woke up, my eyes opened, my soul ignited again. I haven't felt this way in so long. It was like I was soul less, empty inside (one of the worst feelings you could have). My soul had left for sabbatical (without notice I might add) and it returned last night. It feels new and refreshed. I'm so happy because I was getting really frustrated feeling like that. If you have never experienced this before, let me explain. It feels like you are empty and every aspect. It feels like something is missing but you don't know what. try everything. You eat because maybe you are hungry, nope not it; you drink because maybe you are thirsty, nope still not it; you buy things, still not catch my drift. It is just a rut, a phase that your mind and body have to get through on it's own. Sort of like how a virus has to run it's course. There is no words that someone can say to help you feel better or "snap out of it", there is no cure. The only thing I can tell you is that when it is over, it is like the sun is shining again after months and months of rain. It is like the best feeling actually, and I am happy to be back.
#mood #depression #rut #sad #happy #soul #refreshed #eyes #art #graffiti #streetart #urbanart #graffitiart #mural #clarionalley #eyez #blue #sf #sanfrancisco #rebirth #renaissance #recharge #prettycity
User Image lou_by_the_bay Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:22 AM (UTC)
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Looking for some sunshine ☀️
User Image levydance Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:23 AM (UTC)
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MEET THE ARTISTS of LEVYsalon: a quarterly performance showcase -- visual artist Robert vonKepner!

Robert vonKepner is a career world-class innovative chef who is now a working artisan in the visual works of Chiaroscuro with a 2 b graphite pencil on paper with the occasional poem, or prose, as an accompaniment of social, political, and spiritual commentary imbued with a sugar-free truth for the disingenuous philosophy of what's-in-it-for-me-ism.

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I checked out this home today in San Bruno, California... Remolded & upgraded throughout the home. If you like what you see tell your friends, neighbors & family I’ll be happy to setup a showing. #lifeisgood #RickScotch #🏠 #Scotch #realestate

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