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Bucket list ✔...It took a 6am wakeup call but I am glad I was up early to visit #Alaqsa Mosque as I have missed it on my last 2 visits to #Jerusalem. I actually though entry would be difficult with security and all be it was a breeze..._

Any one else have this on the bucket list? #bucketlistmonday
BACK THE TRUCK UP. Let's chat about everyday kindness and what happens when people are not.
An "acquaintance" at the gym this evening decided to remind me of my age, that my clock is ticking an that I'm only a "solid 7.5 out of 10" (and that I don't fall under the "hot" category.) Wow. Right? Who the hell says those kind of things to a woman? Or to anyone for that matter? Exactly. That's what I thought.
We're all human. We're all delicate creatures just trying to get through the day any way we know how. We're all just doing our best. That's what I reminded myself as I blinked back tears and continued my workout.
Many people struggle with self image. Including myself through many of my early years. I fought hard to get my body and mind to a place that is healthy and balanced. And it's always a work in progress. But I'm happy with myself and that's all that matters.
I also know what's it's like being a woman in a male dominated industry. Forging my own career path and breaking stereotypes. My life journey is challenging on the best of days and I certainly don't need someone to remind me that I'm not physically perfect. Nor does anyone.
So to all my strong female friends, followers, coworkers and family, please never let the opinions of small minded fools tear you down. 🤚🏼 Just remember that those are the exact people who will try to hold you back from reaching your goals. All because they're too scared to reach theirs. 👊🏼
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User Image thegoodangels Posted: Nov 20, 2017 7:44 AM (UTC)
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Tag a friend whose happier when fed 😋
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