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User Image evil_rawrr Posted: Jan 23, 2018 11:13 AM (UTC)

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김종현 ‘빛이나, 소고했어요 🇰🇷👍🏻 Jonghyun Kim last solo album. I am still in love with your style and song as usual. We will miss your angelic voice. Thank you for the hard work you do in the album. You did well. It’s the last gift you gave us. Thank you so much. We will cherish it a lot !
고맙습니다 오빠 🙇🏼‍♀️💜 To everyone, go listen at his song, Jonghyun Kim Shinin, i swear you gonna love it and move on it. To all fan we should keep supporting them. Let’s show we are all here and supporting them. For ever lasting shawols 🤝🇰🇷😁 #shinee #fans #jonghyunkim #soloalbum #kpop #koreanmusic #shinin #music #support ##shawols #blingers #rawrr #dinosaurefamily #family #bigfamily #familylove #onlyonebigfamily #smentertainment #김종현 #샤이니 #빛이나 #샤이니종현 #샤이니민호 #샤이니태민 #샤이니온유 #샤이니키 #천사 #브랑스 #천사의목소리 #블루
User Image rollie_usa Posted: Jan 22, 2018 7:51 PM (UTC)

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Feeling Wild in Derby Snow Leopard .🐆🐆🐆 ~ 📸 via @lostinseasons #rollieusa #rollienation #rawrr
User Image jurawrsico.bc Posted: Jan 22, 2018 5:13 PM (UTC)

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Inicia la semana con toda la actitud 😎

Pd. ¿Ya tienes tus regalitos para el 14 de febrero? 👌🏼 #DesafíaTuÉpoca
User Image xxblackflameexx Posted: Jan 22, 2018 3:17 PM (UTC)

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•☄Aber ist ok, denn wenn's so ist dann soll's so sein...☄

• Voll verwuschelt ◐﹏◑

#scenegirl #scenehair #scene #emo #emogirl #emohair #blau #blue #bluehair #redhair #red #rot #snap #filter #verwuschelt #struppelkopf #wuschel #kekse #teddy #wuhu #blueeyes #rawrr #luv #ya
User Image yessiiux Posted: Jan 21, 2018 5:54 PM (UTC)

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A little bit about me 🤓
The events that happened, wrong and right, had to happen in order for me to be who I am now.
I had JC in 2008... things with his dad didn't workout, so we separated in 2010.

I was introduced the the night life by some "friends". Which led to me "living the life" for over a year or so.
It made me spiral out of control; I was out every weekend, did things I shouldn’t have and I was not there for my son.
I knew it was wrong, but I kept living the night life bc my "friends" and the alcohol helped me forget the pain I felt and made me believe I was happy. I was going nowhere fast.
Then I began to hate looking at myself in the mirror.
I began to hate everything about me.
I had thoughts of ending my life... I actually attempted to a couple of times... but God had bigger plans for me.
At work a handsome man, Cody, gave me a meal plan to follow to lose weight.
I followed the meal plan and lost weight, but I wanted more.
Then somehow I came across Stephanie on facebook and got on board with SBM. 💗
I followed the plan and slowly began building muscle.
I learned about bodybuilding from her. I loved how strong the women looked on stage and was intrigued by that lifestyle.
Years went by and Cody and I crossed paths again and now he is my other half 😍

Steph an Cody were/are my angels. They saved my life. If it wasn't for these two special people in my life I wouldnt be the badass that I am... 😉😜 For real tho, bc of Steph, I was able to build my business helping people lead a healthier and happier life.
Bc of bodybuilding I am able to help ladies become stronger in the gym and with muscle comes more confidence 💪🏽
Bc of Cody, I am a strong, determined and fearless woman.
I knew I would enjoy helping people, but with time I actually discovered I LOVE IT!
I love seeing progress.
I love seeing my ladies and gents happier bc they are healthier.
I love being a part of your growth.
My goal is to help you lead a healthier life, become stronger in all aspects, and enjoy life!
I know how it feels to be on both ends of the spectrum as far as weight and all the challenges that come with it.
If I can do this anyone can!
User Image mrsdaviscrafts Posted: Jan 21, 2018 4:21 PM (UTC)
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Started on my next DT card. I’m in lurveeeee with these tiny dinosaurs 🦖. Rawrrrrrr. @creativeescape1 #creativeescapepapercrafting #DTkit #rawrr #lawnfawnstamps

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