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Take me back to the @rudegirlsshop Ride Day! Hadn't rode on features like that since highschool nor have I ever done a halfcab on a box before! So fun riding with 70+ rad shredding sistas! Thanks for pushing me and crafting such a fun environment to learn new tricks & progress! 💖👐
📸 via @rudegirlsshop, @alitbruce & myself
#rudegirlsrideday #rgmob #shredssv #banff #rideyourwildheartout #xsunified #xshelmets #sillygirlskateboards #laschicaz #sunshinevillage
User Image maxinekimberly Posted: Feb 19, 2018 1:59 AM (UTC)

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Back to the local mountains @mtseymour and so amazed on how much there is to explore right here at our doorsteps! Started the day by magically running into good friends Dave and Adea, caught first chair on such a beauty blue bird powday, checked #devilsdrop off the list, explored freshies with the new #k2wildheart and even took it into the park 😆! That board is a floaty beast with so much pop and can handle anything, so impressed!!! Thanks for the fun and 📹 @future_climate
#mtseymour #bluebird #chasingfreshies #ridelocal #firstchair #rideyourwildheartout #xsunified #pnw #xshelmets #standupforparks @k2snow #rgmob
User Image elliebergeron Posted: Feb 15, 2018 5:24 PM (UTC)
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My obsession with the mountains will never cease to exist
Send it Sunday Funday 💖
Banff dreaming on this sunny Vancouver day, cause you know they call it @sunshinevillage for a reason!!! It's freakin sunny there all the time!!! Thanks for the rad times and 📹 @alitbruce 💖🤘
#rideyourwildheartout #rgmob #shredssv #powday #chasingfreshies @xsunified #xshelmets #lifeinxs @sillygirlskateboards #laschicaz @rudegirlsshop
So amazed at life right now! As good times roll life sends you wonderful like-minded people on your path to share epic adventures with and become life long friends! Just like this last minute roadtrip to Banff with my shredding sista @alitbruce to catch the #rudegirlsrideday at @sunshinevillage. A trip we had been dreaming about and turned into a week long trip due to unpredictable mountain weather and highway closures. It all happens for a reason! Shoutout to @_apgf for making this dream trip come true, being the sweetest host and letting me demo her #k2wildheart on the sickest waist-deep powder day ever!!! I had to stop by the shop on our way out to get my own cause it totally changed my life!!! Cheers to the @rudegirlsshop crew for keeping the stoke alive and inspiration❄💜✨🏂Gotta keep on keeping on! 📸 by Gaby St-Yves
#rideyourwildheartout #rgmob #rudegirlsshop #shredssv #sunshinevillage #banff #powderhighway #chasingfreshies #xsunified #sillygirlskateboards
User Image alitbruce Posted: Feb 9, 2018 5:24 PM (UTC)

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If you don’t follow @rudegirlsshop make sure you do! We had so much fun riding with them, seeing a huge group of women encouraging each other to try new things on a snowboard put a huge smile on my face, the world needs more rude girls! 💕 Banff we will be back! Thank you @_apgf for everything #rgmob #rideyourwildheartout #ridessv and thanks @mels_bells_pool_service for being the best shred and travel mate!
It's pretty amazing to see what happens when a bunch of like minded ladies get together to push each other to progress in a sport. @rudegirlsshop thankyou for the sweet day, and although it wasn't my most progressive after a crazy week it sure was sick to see so many rad girls push their limits all day long! ♛🤘🤙
Another ride day in the books! Our biggest one yet with over 70 girls killing it!! #RGMOB @sunshinevillage @shredssv .
A big shout out to all the rad ladies who continue to support these ride days and push women's snowboarding. We need to step up our game with everyone's progression! .
Thanks again to @k2alberta and @saleslab for sponsoring this past ride day with great prizes as well as demo boards from the future! And their continuing support of women's snowboarding!! .
We can not forget about the Rude Girls shop riders, Staff, and Ambassadors for making these ride days what they are. Without these ladies the ride days would not be anywhere near what they are today! Thank you!! .
Last but not least, remember to post pictures from yesterday with the hashtag #rideyourwildheartout for the insta contest. We will be announcing the winner within the coming days! .
#rudegirlsshop #rgmob #rudegirlsdontcry #mybanff #supportyourlocalgirls
Yesterday absolutely RULED 😻 So many cool chix doing cool things. Thank you @rudegirlsshop for continuing to help us push our limits 🙌🏼✨ #rgmob #rideyourwildheartout
User Image pezzpics Posted: Feb 7, 2018 6:38 AM (UTC)

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Another amazing day riding 🏂 Thanks @rudegirlsshop for showing us a good time! 🤙 #rideyourwildheartout #rgmob
User Image kayladedio Posted: Feb 7, 2018 2:58 AM (UTC)
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Awesome progressive day for the squad! Thanks for the session @rudegirlsshop #rideyourwildheartout #ssv #rgmob
User Image liz.stew Posted: Feb 7, 2018 1:03 AM (UTC)
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🤗 Today’s @rudegirlsshop ride day gave me the motivation and confidence to try a 50-50 back 180 off of rails today. (And improved my backboards) 🤠
(📹: @sarahbryan__ + @laurenstarling_)
#RideYourWildHeartOut #RGMob #RGRideDay #BabesOnBoards #ShredTheGnar #YeahTheGirls #YTG #ShredSSV #RideSnowboards #K2Snow @ridesnowboards @k2snow @sunshinevillage @shredssv