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要知道HK Commodores球隊最新動向, 可以到@hk_commodores!! 👍😀😀 Follow our official TEAM PAGE @hk_commodores for the latest on HK Commodores⚓

HK Commodores⚓ 現正招募球員加入我們的球會

年齡:11歲至18歲 (男子隊) 11歲或以上 (女子隊)

*新加入球員會收取每月$200(已包括租場, 訓練器材費用); *練習足夠後,便有機會代表球隊參與本地的大小型賽事以及到美國集訓, 參加AAU賽事。

歡迎真心喜愛籃球, 願意投入時間練習, 加入這個大家庭的球員報名。可以 Direct Commodores 官方 instagram page/ 或者去球隊facebook page

Team Commodores⚓ are recruiting new players.

Boys: Age 11 to 18
Girls: Age 11 or above
Location: Indoor/outdoor basketball; we practice every week
Cost: $200/month per person(including all training, equipments and court fees; if you have trained with us for a certain amount of time, you will be placed in our selected team to compete in local tournaments)

Be a part of this basketball family and train for your dream!! Please direct message us on our instagram account or visit us on our facebook page to find out more about us!! #keepitup #practice #teamstrong #TeamCommodores #basketball #workhard #playhard #TeamFirst
✌️ out #duskmusicfestival From Dusk To Dawn 💀 🎶 🍾Such a great experience spending Q time with my cousins nieces & sister this weekend while dancing in the Desert! 🌵
Throwback to our staff bonding party in celebration of workers day a few months ago. All work and no play makes .......... fill in the gap! 😃 😂
I posted this yesterday, then deleted it, and got told to repost it so here's a new caption. Being in the fitness industry and world is SO incredibly motivating and supportive ans you meet a lot of like minded people. However, sometimes, its also one of the most demotivating fields ever if you let it be. Everyday I look on my Instagram and ask myself "Why cant I lift that much" or "why dont I look like her" or the big one "why dont I havr that many followers" Your fitness journey isnt about looking like another insta fitness blogger or lifting 900lbs like some of these power lifters. Its about being the best you possible and working towards your goals. Its called a JOURNEY cause its not gonna happen overnight or in a week (i wish) Things take time, CHANGE TAKES TIME. Make the most of your time.

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