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dwind24 50m ago
I picked up my phone the other day and was glancing through my photos. Come to find a series of pictures my daughter took in a row of her 🐷 banks. Made me laugh #piggybank #childrensphotography #childphotographer
dajah86 58m ago
According to most financial experts you should have up to 3 months rent in reserve for emergency funds 😳😳😳💰💰💰 I'll admit I don't have it and often spend date nights and outings going to dinner with friends. So one of my goals this year to to have my emergency fund straight! To cut back on funds I'm reducing my restaurant outings and packing my lunch. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going out but will have to be savvy as to where I go and how many times I go out. Tell me, how do you save money on the daily ?
Moneygram: Less is More! When I got my first "real" job out of graduate school I already knew what my initial finance goals were. As a graduate student 👩🏾‍🎓 I was already used to living on less, adopting ramen noodles and a very slim budget of student loans and work-study checks as the norm. Thus it was relatively easy for me to decide at my job orientation to max out my 403b retirement account. Despite my strong sentiment about maxing out, I couldn't ignore the $256 balance in my checking account 😩. Instead of jumping into the max out cold turkey, I started out with 10% for my 403b while I simultaneously stabilized my bank accounts. It took about 6 months to build my emergency fund because I was living at home and my expenses were low. Once I had a solid emergency fund, I jumped to 12% and inched it up to 32% before my second year of employment was complete. In between that time I moved out of my family's house and got an apartment, thanks to the emergency fund. To date I have to remind myself to reduce my bi-weekly contribution towards the end of the fiscal year so that I don't lose my 4% employer match. 🐷 It's been 6 years of employment to date. The point of this post is to let you all know, especially to the young people who haven't started full time employment yet, that Less is More! Make savings a priority at the outset while you aren't used to having a full salary. Trust me, it's easier that way. You know I talk to 50 year olds at my job and some of them haven't started saving yet☠️? They say something like 65% of Americans have zero saved for retirement. Time is the best friend of compounding interest so it's vital to start saving as soon as you can! 🙋🏾🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♂️Who can relate to this subject? Hit me up in the comments or DM 💚❤️🐷
Photocred: @oinkoinkminipigs
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✨🌟We would like give a huge thank you and introduce to you @somattrightnow for saving the world with his art and creativity!!!! Not only did he create this for Save The World but he has TONS of art on his page which you have to check out!!! ~That’s right people. We are here to empower and have the supportive energy to allow others to do what they love doing. Rather it’s art, music, poetry, dance, meditation, or simply having energy to support people. In a nutshell our mission is to Save The World by allowing the human soul to find peace and humbleness through creative expression and supportive community-like energy for all.
Much love always,
Save The World #mothernature #savetheworld #realsavings #somethingworthsaving #art #piggybank #manyareone #empowerment #everythinghappensforareason
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"Celengan unik miniatur rumah hiasan pajangan kado mainan "

Tipe 1= pagar hitam
Tipe 2= pagar merah
Tipe 3= rumah biru
Tipe 4= rumah Barbie

siapa yg suka nabung?? apalagi nabungnya di celengan cantik unik.. harga dr tangan pertama.
Bentuk Rumah detailnya aslii sama percis rumah.
posisi masukan uang diatas (atap)
posisi ambil uang ada di belakang rumah(pintu belakang bisa terbuka tutup)
jadi tidak akan merusak body rumah.
cocok banget utk pajangan.
hub admin ya
1rumah = 1kilo= karena volume dimensi ukuran
bahan dupleks 1tingkat dibawah triplek.
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