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juitch 43m ago
Well...... I could have written it. It’s basically the movie..... #notcool
What the hell Terminex!? When you think it's border patrol, and it's exterminators....#notcool
Literally only just got up! I woke up for about half an hour about 11 and again at 12 then I nodded off again and only just woken up 😳 Its because how busy I've been, rushed off my feet recently + lots of late nights! Not cool Zoe 🙄 How do I still feel tired though, that's like 15 hours sleep🤔 #tired #sleep #l4l #starbucks #greentea #fitness #dayoff #notcool #sleepingpatternsfucked
Shits getting REAL on the blog today. Have you ever had a friend that only wanted to be friends with you when it is convenient or them? No matter what you do you are always a second place option? Yeah. I can relate. Im sharing my thoughts on the topic (link in bio) do you handle that? Leave me a comment below. Let’s chat. XX
Soo since I can’t charge my phone well using an aux, I have to Bluetooth to my laptop! Put a aux cord in my laptop then into my Marley speaker😴😩🙄😂😂 #whyyy #newphone #notcool

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