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Todavía te queda mucho por vivir papá. Arriésgate a revivir....
Happy birthday, my father! I am always grateful for the time we get to spend together.. time that's usually filled with dancing, lots of @devotionvodka and sangria, and memories made. I know it's not a video, but as much as I apparently look like you, I am not the 'front of the camera' person that you are! I love you and hope you have an incredible day celebrating the incredible person you are. #takingtimetomaketime #myfather #celebrate #dancepartner #dothehustle
The only person in this world that knew what to say and for me to listen I really hope your up there watching over me. Lately going back to where I last saw you was so saddening it made me miss you more then ever before that I wish so much I could have went back in time a week before you sadly left this world and just told you down the phone that I love you rather then arguing about coming to see you and what we where going to do. Life is so short I feel that I have made so many mistakes in life that you deserve to be here rather then me. I couldn't have asked for such a beautiful dad and I want everyone to know that this is my dad. My true blood who made me who I am today. As little time as we spent together I couldn't have asked for a better person to be around growing up. Everyone always judged you but you never once told me how to live. You lived and I watched and showed you off every time I spoke about you. I never learnt so much from anyone else and I just wish one last time that I could see you to say I love you. I will say when someone you love becomes a memory as sad as it is you realise what is lost and that memory will always be a treasure that will never be measured more then with the love I have for you. I hope your up there knowing how much heartache was made I sit and whisper I miss you with hope you hear me one last time. Truly missed the one special man with all the love I can say! RIP

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Enjoy your parents while they are here... You only get one set of biological parents.. Love my father!!! #control #myfather love his life!!
Dai Babbo +49 ne manca solo 1 al grande botto, Ti Voglio Bene💣💥 #myfather#myfamily#49
“I hear words like "beauty" and "handsomness" and "incredibly chiseled features" and for me that's like a vanity of self absorption that I try to steer clear of.” - Hansel
Mana tēva izveidota lustra no briežu ragiem. Izveidota pirms daudziem gadiem, joprojām izskatās teicami! 👌🏼 #myfather #deer #elk #antlers #handmade #antlerchandelier #hunting

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