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Am I wrong for loving the word muthafucka and all it's forms? I'm just saying... I try to use it every muthafuckin' chance I get. I really enjoy saying muthafucka out loud in public for all muthafuckas to hear. It's just so muthafuckin' jarring to the ears. Eyes widen and jaws drop every muthafuckin time muthafuckas hear me break muthafuckin social etiquette and disrupt their private muthafuckin thoughts.
I wish more muthafuckas would add muthafucka to their regular speech. This muthafuckin world might be a better place for badass muthafuckas like me. On my tombstone under my name I want it to read, "This Muthafucka Here...". Y'all muthafuckas don't act like you don't know what I'm muthafuckin talking about. Y'all like the way those four syllables roll off the muthafuckin tongue too. Even if you say muthafucka under your breath, muthafuckas catch on real quick that you mean muthafuckin business.
There. I said the muthafuckin word 22 times and it's not even muthafuckin Wednesday yet.
#Magnetek #Muthafucka
@deacon305 will be performing #MichaelJackson and #MuthaFucka amongst other bangers with @bezzbelieve in Cocoa! Gonna be a movie script!!!

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