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User Image vrexther Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:09 AM (UTC)
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Убийство в Восточном экспрессе - отлично снятый детектив по классическому произведению. От книги отступлений немного, так что те, кто читал много нового не увидят. Актеры блестящи, постановка шикарна. Сцена развязки заставляет ком подкатить к горлу. Однозначно этот фильм стоит увидеть если и не в кинотеатре то когда он выйдет на носителях. #кинокритика #фотоотчет #киномакс #волжский #убийствоввосточномэкспрессе #murderontheorientexpress #кеннетбрана #kennethbranagh #агатакристи #agathachristie #эркюльпуаро #herculepoirot #джоннидепп #johnnydepp #дейзиридли #daisyridley #уиллемдефо #willemdafoe #джудиденч #judidench #джошгад #joshgad #мишельпфайффер #michellepfeiffer #пенелопакрус #penelopecruz #детектив #detective
User Image imgabos Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:59 AM (UTC)
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User Image lovelyqueens Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:46 AM (UTC)
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astonishing 🖤
full credits and honest gratitude go to @johnrussophoto for this magic 💋
User Image robertwolfkid Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:43 AM (UTC)
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Make sure to read Part 1 first...
About Hercule Poirot. I watched the version with Albert Finney a long time ago but I do not recall that Poirot had a (late ?)girlfriend in that one.
But here this is crucial to the character. It is established right from the beginning that Poirot has a neurotic need to balance this out. He needs order and the disorder is the way how he solves his cases. Think of Monk but Poirot is charming and not a pain in the butt.
So Poirot's struggle is actually the center part of the film and the case just mirrors his own inner fight. You could even argue that every suspect represents a part of Hercule's soul. This means that he is in a sense not trying to find the killer, he is trying to balance himself out. But order originates from disorder. Both are a vital part of our life and that's what Poirot is actually struggling with here.
I have to point out: there where moments I totally forgot that Poirot is played by Branagh. It's not a bad thing on the contrary... maybe it's the mustache? Not, not really. I don't know.
I just liked it.
The movie just works.
I don't think that something is missing. Including screentime.
And just to get back to the question if you need famous actors like Judy Dench for this film?
You do! Because you invest more in a character that has not so much screentime.
And there is something else: Remember my post "Why we do need remakes"? No? Just read the post, there is link to an article on Tumblr also in my Bio.
I was I think btw. right about one thing; Remakes (if we count in adaptations which many do - think: IT and comments on Youtube) can attract young people to an old story. There were three kids at the age of 14-16 I think. (It was a small audience because I went into an early showing) - And, a media store I know uses events like "remakes" coming out to promote older versions and related films. They have a more or less prominent point right next to the shelf with the new releases. It's of course for the profits but I will check out tomorrow if they now have Agatha Christie movies there.
So, what about "Murder on the Orient Express"?
Well, I give it a 9 out of 10. - Plain and simple.
User Image robertwolfkid Posted: Nov 18, 2017 12:40 AM (UTC)
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Part 1:
I'm not a big crime-fan! - After we dealt with that big elephant in the room without killing the beast, let's have a look on Kenneth Branagh's new adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel.
I knew the outcome and try not to spoil here and it was clear from the start that all those big names wont have that much of screentime.
And that's maybe the biggest problem of the film. But it's not the movie's fault: There are just too many characters but you cannot just throw them out of the train...story. Think Cluedo (Clue in North America. - Why?) with double the suspects.
So it seems that actors like Judy Dench, Willem Dafoe ect. were wasted. - You can feel that way but you can see it as what it is. Some famous and some rising stars were able to play real-life Cluedo and they were possibly okay with that. Why? Because they have there scenes, it's not like they can play out there biggest strengths (as a critic wrote "shine") but how could they? Yet, again I wouldn't blame neither Branagh nor author Michael Green, because its enjoyable to see all these people crammed in a train and under investigation. And they do a good job anyway.
So, if you don't care about that and just like to see all these people in a crime-movie that is just a joyride of magical images then this one is for you.
Speaking about images: I love how this film was shot. From the colorful landscapes over metaphorical arrangments to some awesome photography like long, uncut shots or top views that you really have a board-game feeling. Costumes, props, decor, all this is spot on. The movie really looks like a (you might call it a bit kitchy) painting.
Oh: editing. - Big fan! Special shots aside, the regular ones are just relaxing. Some take the usual 3 secs others more then 10 (I counted in the dialog between Branagh and Depp). Many films are overedited nowadays and sometimes I see why but "Murder on" is just slowly paced in editing but not boring at all.
....more in Part 2.

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