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User Image oluwasgunc_ Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:45 AM (UTC)
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(11/19/17) "Whoever attacked through
word curses feel guilty of
something. I deserve that same
fair opportunity to have my
contribution embraced as well
and I recognize that. That
extra don't apply to me. I'm
not starting a thing. I'm in
my own hemisphere like I
started out."
-Dexsta Ray

#dexstarayspiritualwarfarequotes #dexstaraylifequotes #truth #persecution #identification #wordcurses #malicious #demonic #persistent #Light #clarity #regardingevil
User Image atwnh Posted: Nov 24, 2017 9:04 AM (UTC)
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atwnh 2h ago
Let me burn hot with fire👀💥🔥
بزا بِسوزن مَن با آتیشِشون گرم تر میشَم!😸👊🔥
User Image mozgurkok Posted: Nov 24, 2017 7:48 AM (UTC)
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🇹🇷Değerli insanlara, değer vermek.
Başarılı insanların, başarılarını taktir edebilmek.
Onları yüceltmez.
Onlar, oldukları yeri zaten iyi bilirler.
Bu insanlar, tüm hayatlarını adayarak başardıkları şeyin farkındadırlar.
Sizin onlara sergilediğiniz tavır, onlara bakışınız hakkında bilgi verir. Sizi daha iyi tanımalarını sağlar.
Bu insanlara sergilediğimiz bakış açısı ile “biz buyuz deriz” adeta.
Kıskanç, hazımsız, kompleksli, güvensiz, egolu, kötü niyetli…
Bilinçli, farkında, değer bilen, ilgili, ilgisiz, bilgili, bilgisiz, samimi, yakınlık duyan, sempatik… 🇬🇧 To give value to precious people.
Successful people, to be able to take on the successes.
He does not glorify them.
They already know where they are.
These people are aware of what they have succeeded in dedicating their whole lives.
The attitude you display to them gives you information about your gaze. They make you know better.
It is "we are we," from the point of view we have shown to these people.
Jealous, indivisible, complex, insecure, egalitarian, malicious ...
Conscious, aware, aware of value, related, unrelated, knowledgeable, ignorant, sincere, affectionate, sympathetic ...
3500 ‘dan fazla birinci elden yazı ve paylaşım... More than 3500 first-hand articles and sharing ... #psikoloji #kişiselgelişim #felsefe #kuantum #psychology #personal #evolution #philosophy #quantum #Jealous #indivisible #complex #nsecure #egalitarian #malicious #Conscious #aware #awareofvalue #related #unrelated #knowledgeable #ignorant #sincere #affectionate #sympathetic #antalya #başarılı
User Image tenshi.7 Posted: Nov 24, 2017 2:34 AM (UTC)
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Mason, dear mason. First big error, you wrote this review before actually finshing the series. Alot do it in mal to be fair but come on man, i will get back to that later. Now, you start the review saying "Ignore reviews that have low level grades because of these reasons". I can make an counter agruement just using the first episode. 1:No obsured or overused ecchi, im sorry but i love the teacher. lets be fucking honest, she was fanservice. 2 the bi polar chick in the words of the great Seasonal "The grope wasnt necessary". And lets not even talk about Sakura, please her showing her cam girl pics was so unnecesaary. Now the second part, you are right the series didnt have.. oh wait, fuck. there was a love triangle and literally incest tease within the first three episodes. 3. As much as i see myself in Ayano, he is pretty cliche and i can name 10 anime with MCs like him, this might be mason's first anime with this mc so ok. understandable.4. Which one is it, Is it Good or is it average? Those two are in different levels. 5. Then you gotta hit us with the "EDIT Hey guys i just finshed". You lower your rating by.5 because there are, not only 1 but 2 episodes contradicting you. ok. What kind of rating system is that. now ima pull a mason and assume that MAYBE Maybe he doesnt want to admit that the negative reviews might have a lot of valid points. But hey fanboyism. Guys, dont be like Mason. ー#アニメ #Malicious #mal #otaku #review #kawaii #かわいい #マンガ #manga #anime #classroomoftheelite #ayanokoji #animeedit (P.s: i dont hate or like classroom or the elite, its whatever to me)
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User Image silverbulletbill Posted: Nov 23, 2017 8:59 AM (UTC)
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User Image shugarsnaps Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:02 PM (UTC)
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I’m not available. I think of things like this because I have #sons As a #female I can tell #men to look for certain things they may not pay attention to. Are they #catty it’s a symptom of #bitterness Bitterness grows out of #spite And #jeolusy and turns into #malicious behavior #business #money #wealth Cattiness will not disappear; it’s a bitter root that has to be pulled. It’s a sign of #immaturity Even if I get mad at #hoodboogers I would still try to find a way to help somebody w/o feeding a hoodbooger or #ghetto mentality I’d direct them towards places that lean towards education that rewards decent human behavior; or get them motivated to help themselves. I’m not opposed to a hand up; but I’m not raising you.
User Image gallinews_com Posted: Nov 22, 2017 5:13 PM (UTC)
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#Rohit #Sardana #AajTak News Reporter par #Muslims #Religion #Sentiment #Hurt karne Par Case Darj #Hydrabad
#Prophet #Mohammad (PBUH) Family Bibi Aisha and Bibi Fatima par #Derogatory #Statement Dene par Rohit Sardana Journalist par Religious Sentiment Hurt karne ka Case Darj hua Hyderabad
Similarly A Complaint against Rohit Sardana Journalist and Anchor of Aaj Tak has Been filed in #Mumbai #Dongri and #JJ Police Station For Hurting Religious Sentiments of #Hindus #Muslims and #Christian Community

Rohit Sardana Jo Ek Tv Journalist hai ne apni Tweet

Comparing The Gods and Deities to Film Titles with Provactice Words
Tweet may Mary ka Bhi naam Likha hai

#Hydrabad Ke #Dabeerpura Police Station may

#FIR No 132/17
Date 19/11/17
IPC Sec 295 (#Deliberately and #Malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of ny class by Insulting its religion or religious belief)
Download Mobile Apps From
Apple (For More IMP News) like and follow on
User Image seyed47 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 3:20 AM (UTC)
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" #افکار خراب به مراتب #مخرب تر از تن های خراب است، کسی که #تن می فروشد حداقل بر یک اصلی پایبند است، اما کسی که افکارش خراب است به هیچ صراطی #مستقیم نیست." #سید_حسینی
"Spoiled thoughts are more #malicious than #spolied bodies, because one who #sells their #body follows a way of #life, but one with a spoiled #mind has #nothing to follow." #seyedhosseini
User Image commanditservices Posted: Nov 22, 2017 2:05 AM (UTC)
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Threat of the #malicious insider is very real, but accidental #DataLeakage is a bigger problem.

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