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POTTED GARDEN, In the garden with renowned South African landscape architect Hank Lith, Newlands, Cape Town. Two of my favourite indigenous plants, namely Maidenhair fern and Streptacarpus in lovely time worn pots. I completely relate to the charm of this garden which is featured in the latest @houseandgardensa. (Zip onto their website to see more images of his lovely garden) My own garden is largely made of over 300 pots and I completely concur with Hank’s remarks about the pluses of a potted garden. In nut shell one can curate a certain look for a certain corner and swop things or change things around seasonally as well. Water requirements can be customized and lastly and most crucially special and rare plants can be fussed over and coddled and can always come with you if you should move. All of these are extremely important considerations if you are a plant collector. Image taken by Greg Cox for @houseandgardensa #pottedplants #pottedgarden #collectingplants #plantcollecting #gardensofinstagram #giardino #jardin #jardem #streptacarpus #maidenhairfern
I was a bit nervous about adding one of these to my house plant collection given their reputation, but this #maidenhairfern is loving its new home 🏡 Another perfect plant for hanging 🌿
A few more custom hangers 💁

DM If you're interested in a plant hanger.
$35 + postage 🤗🌱
最近のお気に入りはボリュームいっぱいのMaidenhair Fern。
My current favorite plant is this full Maidenhair Fern! I feel so refreshed when I see it😊
#maidenhairfern #refreshed #hawaiilife #happyplants #メイデンヘアーファーン #観葉植物 #ハワイ暮らし #ハワイ生活
W O R K S P A C E 📥📤
From here, is where I get stuff done.
Often with a coffee. ☕🍵
We have another office in the house with bigger screens, printers, & a pen tablet when i need them. But this is a nice sunny spot, surrounded by windows to see our speccy view! 🖇✂🖱
Anyone have any advice on my sickly looking fern?
#workspace #karlymorrisdesigns #desk #laptop #maidenhairfern #typewriter #workfromhome #designs #antiqueandold #typewriter #organised
Isn't she such a babe? I'd had my heart set on getting a Maidenhair for a few months before I found this gem. I love how delicate her fonds are and how she sways around when it's breezy outside. 🌱

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