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User Image noinkofficial Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:13 AM (UTC)

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BEFORE YOU LOOK FOR THE ONE. We know that a lot of the inspiration for the stories we write come from real-life events. So noinkada, here’s a little advice for everyone who’s looking for the one.

While it’s important that whoever you’ll be with makes you FEEL happy, there’s a difference between that and finding someone to MAKE you happy.

Read this self-help article now, visit or simply tap the link in our bio! 📲

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Maverick has been with @louisvillemetroanimalservices since July 2017!!!! Sweet Maverick is one handsome fellow who is looking for that special person to adopt him. Look into his soulful eyes and you’d think he was older than his approximate 2 years of age. The large Pit Bull is also quite the gentle soul. That’s why he’s been receiving lots of love and affection in foster homes, instead of waiting to be adopted at our shelter. The kennel environment is just too stressful for this big cuddle bug. Now it’s time for Maverick to go to his forever home!

Maverick’s foster parents think he’s a well-balanced dog. He likes spending time outside and indoors. Maverick enjoys fetch, walking or running in the park, sitting in your lap or cuddling on the couch -- anything that will make his human laugh or smile. Giving and getting kisses is also high on his list. Did we mention he may willingly forego a walk in the park in favor of a tread mill?

Maverick’s even worked with a certified KHS trainer to correct his manners and improve his socialization skills with other dogs. She referred to him as a “sweet moose of a dog”.
Maverick passed his training with flying colors! He loves learning new things and quickly progressed in a matter of a few weeks, showing he’s quite intelligent. He's reformed from his adolescence pastime of counter surfing!!! Maverick is currently waiting for his forever home in foster care. If you’re interested in adopting the large, 75lbs Pit Bull, fill out an application at
For more info about Maverick, or to schedule an appointment to meet him, email or call 473-PETS.
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User Image ibilofficial Posted: Mar 15, 2018 7:20 PM (UTC)

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Between now and the altar, there are hard times and laughter and loneliness and many bad choices. To ease the way, I wish I could give you a little loving advice.

Rethink your concept of the ideal man for you. You believe you need someone who is as ambitious and driven as you are, someone who will compete with your intellect. You want the smartest guy in the room, the slightly intimidating, self-assured one who catches everyone’s attention. But a truly humble man is a find far more rare. And in marriage, a complement is better than a competitor.

Forget the flashy personality. The man who will care for your heart is strong, but gentle. He’s soft-spoken and easy to overlook, but unafraid to speak the truth. You’ll draw him out, and he will calm your driven energy and teach you to trust. Happiness in love, it turns out, is less about scintillating wit and more about kindness and being able to forgive each other again and again.

When you struggle to find the man you believe you need, don’t let frustration cause you to lower your standards. Men who disregard your boundaries are not worth your time. Nor are men who only pretend to listen when you talk.

You’ll get to know that plainspoken man as a friend across a year of game nights and drives on the beach. You won’t think much of him at first because of his quiet manner and country way of speaking. But one night, he’ll catch your eye in the parking lot of a Bowl-a-Rama, and everything will change.

I wish I could spare you the pain of some of the bad choices you make. I wish I could tell you to be content and enjoy the present. But life can only be lived one way, one day at a time.

So take heart, single self. Despite your missteps and impatience, love will find you. And four years is not such a long time to wait.
Read more from Hope’s story here:
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User Image itsjusra Posted: Mar 15, 2018 12:23 PM (UTC)
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Just looking for someone who can make me as happy as free food does 🙋🏻
But as long as there is free food- I reckon I'll be fine 🤷🏻‍♀️
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