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🙏🏼 Thank you Lord for the best gift ever, TIME together. 💙Happy Anniversary my Love 😍
😜 In this crazy 💩 ⛈ we call life, you need something you can control!
That’s why I ❤️ my workouts. I control where, when, how long & when!
💙 2 days until our team is here.
💗 2 days until our family grows. 💜 2 days until all of U.K. gets to experience health in such an amazing way!
💙 That one time when you fly a thousand miles away to be with your bestie & her friends & your shoe does this in the middle of the shower..... 💙Do you see what I see 👀
💙Blue Friday with my littlest 💙
💚 Flex Friday for all us Fit Mama’s on this amazing journey 💚
💙 Just a Mom trying to reach a goal on almost zero sleep, dodging infant toys & toddler legos. 💚
Today has been one hell of a day in this postpartum journey. So thankful my Mom is here, we have good wine, NCIS, platters & most importantly, wonderful family. Notice the cheese gets smaller & smaller. Vegetables, fruit & turkey meat 💪🏽 One day at a time. Love each other. Help one another. It’s okay to ask for help.
❤️ This 🙌🏽
💛 You are beautiful
💚 You are strong 💪🏽 💙 You are enough
💜 You are worth it ❗️
💖 Keep growing
🚨 Question 🚨

What’s your favorite Halloween 🎃 candy⁉️
🤔 Think you can’t get results with the 7-day Clean Week program? ❗️Think again. You’d be surprised at what 7 days can do. 😊 Message me and I’ll tell you all about it.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
So glad I pushed through the exhaustion yesterday & prepped for the week. Helps our family to save time & 💰 Who doesn’t want more time or 💰⁉️ Was able to make dinner for last night, breakfast, lunch & dinners for the week in 2 hours. That saves me 2 hours AT LEAST a day this week❗️ What would you do with that time❓

Play with your kids❓
Finally get to those house projects❓
Read a book❓
Take a nap❓
Go for a hike/run/walk❓
🎃 Can you believe it’s almost that time⁉️ 👻 What if I could give you recipes that taste like these treats but don’t add inches to your _______ (insert thighs/butt/waist/etc).
What time is it ⁉️ “It’s time for lunch” (where my Moms at⁉️) It’s platter night!!! Date night with my baby boys 😍
🥔 These healthy boats though‼️