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Now,#monica you are #mywife and,I wanted to show you something... look,I am #TheVictor That was #adamFirstMan and,#Judas and,am A king of many names.just meaning that baby? I have lived many past lives. And,am the one that this is all about. If you notice I was the first person ever to figure out. That,we were all once angels of the heavens. And,that no we do not die but,transpare meaning transpire. Or,to pass through & back to where we come from. #TheSpirit💋
This video makes me so fucking emotional. I feel her pain; evoking my pain... and the beer moment is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. 😔🍺 #Judas
Part 3

Judas. Judas. Judas. Okay so first of all, Judas is the first person in this manuscript that confirms Jesus is......a shape shifter. Yes. Jesus got more faces than your girl playing in her makeup 😂 The Jews even knew, hence Judas decided to kiss Jesus so they'd know who to collect.

Secondly, Judas had a wife, and it's his wife who convinces him to betray Jesus 👀👀👀 Of all the disciples who gave up everything to follow Jesus, Judas gave up everything EXCEPT his girl....and in the very end, Jesus cursed them both and prophesied their deaths. And that makes sense because...... In the Gospel of Judas the church intentionally left out this canonized bible, Judas is the only disciple with a Soul; the only one who gets Jesus. He was the only one who was blessed 👀 Whether Jesus cursed them in the end because Judas was having a change of heart and in weakness it took his wife to get him back in focus, or he only finally went thru with it to get that silver to support his family is another story....but Judas betrayed the Christ for the pussy, and none of yall topping that 👌🏾 #Sunday #preach #judas #judasiscariot #threading #firstofall #forthepussychallenge #history #bible #sundayschool #betrayal #kiss #jesus #messiah #thread

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