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User Image jimmyjohns Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:04 PM (UTC)
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Double tap if carbs are your best friend
User Image annajoy523.4 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 10:40 PM (UTC)
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Start to window wonderland.... When your oldest can't go because he is working, you go eat where you can stare at him😊. #christmas #jimmyjohns miss you @therealtyrusolder
User Image lifetime_ortho Posted: Nov 17, 2017 9:35 PM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
Starting back in August we asked for $1-10 donations in exchange for our LTO fidget spinners. The LTO community, the LTO team, and a #jimmyjohns delivery driver😉 pitched in to raise just under $250. Lifetime Orthodontics matched the donation & today Vanessa from LTO delivered the $500 donation to the kind team at Care House 💓 Thank you everyone who participated 👏👏👏
User Image simonettij1987 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 8:50 PM (UTC)
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#jimmyjohns was literally here within 7 mins of ordering it. #freakyfast
User Image lettuce.count.points Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:57 PM (UTC)
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7PP Jimmy Johns lunch today!
I took half the bread off and hollowed out my piece as well. 4PP.
1/2T light mayo + Sriracha 1PP.
1/2oz Doritos 2PP.
Pickle & holiday grapes Free! #weightwatchers #pointsplus #weightloss #jimmyjohns
User Image liveyx0 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 4:43 PM (UTC)
0 Valencia
Ordered her #jimmyjohns last night and she asked me if she had anything on her face 😂😂😆 #halfthesandwich #dork #sillygirl
User Image ketochrissyb Posted: Nov 17, 2017 4:21 PM (UTC)
0 Juno
Time for lunch. Club lulu I which is my go to if I didn’t have time to pack up lunch. #jimmyjohns #ketolunch #clublulu #ketodiet #ketosis #lchf #lchflife #getinmybelly
User Image servpronorthfl Posted: Nov 17, 2017 4:07 PM (UTC)
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Thank you @jimmyjohns for sponsoring our lunches this year at the @blessingsinabackpack #FancyPants Golf Tournament! #jimmyjohns
User Image demonviper Posted: Nov 17, 2017 3:59 PM (UTC)
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So what is your lunch money supporting? #jimmyjohns #biggamehunting
User Image jaykeypoo Posted: Nov 17, 2017 2:04 PM (UTC)
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Retirement is over! Hah! You dont seek the messlife. The messlife seeksyou. Getting called outta the bullpen today to show these rooks whats up. Lol. Im old af. #messlife #jimmyjohns #freakyfast #subssofastyoullfreak #loserstatus

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