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What a great weekend it was! 3rd grade Bible Sunday, Oktoberfest BBQ, and family time!
Olha essa gente...
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🛫 Enviaremos para todo Brasil
#zoeoutdoor #camisacrista #rockgospel #jesusrocks
OCT-17 - HK Nights - Kicking it with my main #BossChick Marilyn @jellebee1
Another fun night of live music in HK with my girl!
Sometimes a man-free night is precisely what is needed 😝 for the ladies to bond and relax.

We went from #ladyboss work mode to #party divas with barely a pause ✌

Oh and loving my #Asos playsuit. 3 day delivery and all to HK 🎈

Really glad to have found such powerhouse live music performers at #TheIronFairiesHongKong

Thank you @elihomawoo

Tonight it was Precious and Crew who slated everything from Toni Braxton to Simply Red 💃

Absolutely no reason to complain and looking forward to #PinkDotHK this weekend!!! Grateful for all opportunities and the strength to work hard and play hard!! At least until #Carnival2018 👏

In the meantime, ✅ Believing in the power of #prayer ✅ Staying #Grateful ✅ Acknowledging that #themiddleway DaoDeJing in all things is the goal **************************** ✅ 💪 Keeping the #60Days2Motivate chicks on track to ensure we all achieve our lifestyle #fitspiration goals blending eatclean #yoga, #pilates, weightlifting, personalbest #meditation and home based workouts, one day at a time 👟 ************************************** Enjoying this phase of my journey and grateful for the awesome people walking with me 👊 for a Season 🌔, a Reason 🌒 or a Lifetime 🌚 ************************************** #Blessed and repping for the #GodInMe and never forgeting that above all #JesusRocks and #Namaste

Keep it moving ✈ from Lagos #Nigeria 🚵 to #LA 🇺🇸 to #London 🇬🇧 to #HongKong 🚉 ******************************************
Meeting tonight 7:00 at Anna's!!! It's gonna be a blast #JesusRocks
as i am reading through Psalm, my heart is being over flowed with joy. we are so incredibly loved & blessed ☀️🌎🌿🌸
Steep yourself in God reality. God will do His best for you. You are very valuable to Him. So don’t worry about the future and don’t imagine what you can do in your own strength. Stay in contact with Him, talk to Him and listen to Him and imagine what He will do. 💕💕 I am tripping right now bc this was in my personal bible study this morning in one book and then I went to a different bible study in proverbs31ministry and it was the same exact thing! It said You are Valuable ! I love it when that happens that is confirmation that He is speaking to me. 😊 Totally brightens up my day! On another note this was my livingroom on a beautiful cool spring day. #ilovedesign
Praise • He has been watching over my family and myself this past week and I'm so grateful for that. Sometimes in life we need a little wake up call. For myself, that was this past week. Life is precious and can be taken at any time. Be grateful. Be gracious. Be kind. #heislight #praisegod

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