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-I HATE doing this to such a sweet little Greek mom-and-pop bakery, but I gotta be honest, this cookie sucked. They seemed so nice and friendly when I walked in, I had no idea that this cookie was going to bomb so hard. It's a classic case of a bakery prioritizing quantity over quality. Sure, they have lots to choose from, but are they all good? And how long have they been left out on the shelf? Chocolate chip cookies especially should be baked fresh daily, because there's so much competition. As we've learned from this insta, you can buy chocolate chip cookies almost ANYWHERE. Pizza places, gas stations, hospitals, renaissance fairs... bakeries should be held to a higher standard. And I'm only saying that because I care about this mom & pop business and I want them to succeed.
-There's a large and a small option, and I regret going with the large. You could say my eyes are bigger than my stomach, but it's more like my eyes received an inaccurate intelligence briefing and then decided to invade Iraq.
-The chocolate chunks were the saving grace here, and thank Zeus, because there were a LOT of them. I tried to eat them off the cookie, which was hard, dry, and tasted like everything in the bakery except for the cookie. Everything bagels: good. Everything cookies: bad.
-On the plus side, I learned a new word: Zaxaroplasteion, or ζαχαροπλαστειο. It's on the sign, and it's Greek for bakery. So there you go. You've been education'd.
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#schooluniform 도 구매 완료!
탑하나당 20불 치마 바지도 24불씩 하지만 40% 할인이라 그나마 다행이다... 하고 계산 하러갔더만 이게 웬일! 마지막 세일이라 탑은 3불이 안하고 가장 비싼게 5불도 안해서 최대한 많이 쟁였어요 유니폼이지만 입기 엄청 이뻐서ㅎㅎ 벨라도 담에 같이 입자~!
저 치마바지는 진짜 넘 맘에 듭니다 ㅎㅎ

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