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Boise friends: What's on your summer bucket list?
I know I said I was ready for school because we do so well on a schedule, but I lied. My mom watched the kids this weekend so I could get caught up with work, and now I just want to spend the week playing. I snuggled this girl extra long this morning and it just wasn't long enough. Truth be told, I'm not ready for her to start kindergarten, but she is itching to spread her wings.
#birdiegirl #iwouldgivehertheworld #sevenmoredays #letsmakethemcount
Everyone can be a father but it take' s a real man to be a DAD. She's becoming a little lady over night. Am I ready, "NO" #sheslovinglife #appreciateeverymoment #loveofmylife #iwouldgivehertheworld

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