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User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:53 PM (UTC)
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Guards Junior Lieutenant Afanasiy P. Zaets. 20th Guards Communications Battalion, 2nd Guards Aviation Corps. Afanasiy Zaets was born in the year 1916 in the Kegichovka Raion of Ukraine. He enlisted in the soviet army in Feburary of 1940 and served with both the 1st and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts, the Crimean Front, and the Caucasus Front.
While serving on the Crimean Front, Lt. Zaets was telegraph communications operator. Under enemy artillery fire multiple times, he continuously kept uninterrupted communication with his staff. During the offensive in the Don River region Afanasiy Zaets worked for several days without break, so that all of the orders were communicated to the Army on time. Thanks to his work the 3rd Mixed Aviation Corps was able to destroy the German positions. Lt. Zaets is an energetic and demanding commander that is well respected by his staff. He was awarded the Medal for Combat Merit.

Zaets was also awarded the Order of the Red Star. His citation is as follows; "Working as a Commnader of a Military Telegraph Station, Lt. Afanasiy P. Zaets has installed 28 signal office centers and has trained over 20 over qualified operators. He often moves to the front of an offensive to install a new signal office center."
User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 13, 2017 12:56 PM (UTC)
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Being of Italian decent, I have soft spot for Italian Militaria and things issued to Italian Americans. This group to an Italian soldier who rose through the ranks to become the head of all the Royal Army’s Artillery durning WWII, taking orders only from King Emanuel and #Mussolini. His story in the following comments below. #Italia #Italy #WorldWarTwo #WWII #ItalianArmy #Artilery #RoyalArmy #TheGreatWar #WorldWarOne #AvantiSavoya #Savoy #History #HistoryBuff #InstaDaily #InstaGood #PicOfTheDay #Iphoneisia #WarMedals #PatsMedals #General
User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 11, 2017 4:17 PM (UTC)
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On this day, we pay homage to all who served in in the military. With this in mind, I’d like to share the story of one veteran in particular... his story in the comments below. #VeteransDay #Veteran #LestWeForget #WorldWarTwo #WWII #AirCorps #AirForce #SupportOurTroops #Military #History #HistoryBuff #WarMedals #PatsMedals #InstaDaily #InstaGood #PicOfTheDay #Iphoneisia
User Image panda_monokulyar Posted: Nov 11, 2017 9:40 AM (UTC)
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User Image melodymelikian Posted: Nov 10, 2017 7:26 PM (UTC)
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Happy Birthday Michael! This will be a forever favorite of mine from his first time at Disneyland 🎈#melodymelikianphotography
User Image daaibraanies Posted: Nov 7, 2017 8:11 PM (UTC)
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▪️I like danger, romance & mystery ▪️
User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 7, 2017 4:19 PM (UTC)
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This Al Valore Militare in Bronze was awarded to Cosimo Cortrino Turrisi while serving with the 68th Special Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Italian Liberation Corps. "During the strong enemy attack, he displayed a fierce demeanor on the most dangerous position. Using his weapon with great effect and daring obstinacy until falling mortally wounded to grenades." ~ Vaccarile (Marche), July 27th 1944.
#Italy #Italian #Italia #AlValore #Commando #Arditi #WorldWarTwo #WWII #SpecialForces #History #HistoryBuff #MilitaryHistory #WarMedal #PatsMedals #InstaDaily #InstaGood #PicOfTheDay #Iphoneisia
User Image arielnoboa Posted: Nov 6, 2017 8:58 PM (UTC)
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User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 6, 2017 3:34 PM (UTC)
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Sergeant Francis “Frank” Cibelli. Battery-K, 4th Battalion, 13th Marines, 5th Marine Division.
Francis Cibelli was born on May 10th 1925, in Brooklyn New York. He enlisted into the Marine Corps on April 28th 1943 out of Kings County. Francis began his field artillery training in Quantico Virginia in July of the same year.
February 19th 1945, D-Day. At 1500hrs. then Corporal Cibelli lands on the most southern beach of Iwo Jima known as “Green 1”. While under heavy fire from the Japanese defenders, 13th Marines make their way to the center of the divisions beach head and fortified positions there. At 0230 hrs. the following morning, the Japanese army pushed a 500 man strong counter attack on CT-27’s position. This advance was thwarted by the 155mm Howitzers of Francis Cibelli and 13th Marines. Through out the battle 13th Marines we’re constantly executing fire missions on enemy forces. Corporal Cibelli was wounded during the fierce fighting on Mt. Suribachi and sent to a Navy Hospital at Camp Pendleton California. He remained in the corps for the occupation of Japan and was discharged in February of 1946. After the war Francis moved to Melbourne Florida and became a safety specialist for NASA. “Frank” as he was known by, spent the rest of his life here with his wife Marge and four children. Francis Cibelli passed away on February 7th, 2015.
User Image pats_medals Posted: Nov 3, 2017 11:52 AM (UTC)
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Master Sergeant Donald G. Beany. United States Army & Air Force.
Donald “Don” Beany was born on December 21st 1907, in Smithfield Ohio. At the age of 18, Donald enlisted into the Army, from 1928-1936 he was assigned to West Point as an artillery instructor. While on the Artillery Detachment Don became a Fullback for the Kingston Yellow Jackets, a minor league football team. He became a well renowned ball player and coach in the 17 years on the team. It was also during his seven year stint out of the military that Beany met and married the love of his life Margaret Fields of Kingston New York.

During the height of the Second World War Donald Beany enlisted back into the Army, this time going into the Air Corps. He was first stationed at Camp Edwards in 1943 before entering the European Theater serving in five campaigns. After WWII, Donald joined the New York Air National Guard and was assigned to the 329th Air Base Squadron, at Stewart Air Force Base. After Beany retired from military service for good in 1958, he got a civil service job and took up bowling. Donald Beany died on June 23rd 1992.

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