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Day 6 of 21 💪🏽 I tried a different workout today called Piyo!! Anyone heard of it?
Now I usually feel Like I'm not working hard enough if I'm not drenched!

Man, this is more of a sculpting workout instead of high cardio but boyyyyy... I was sooo sweaty and I loved it!! It helped loosen my muscle soreness bc of the Pilates/yoga but kept my core engaged and my heart rate high!! Oh yes! Very effective!! Switching up your workouts constantly shocks your muscles to keep them working! I'm excited to see results from this kind of exercise!

#challenge #reebok #piyo #waisttrimmer #workout #sweat #yes #pushyourself #switchup #cannabiscommunity #immelting #stillsore #pilatesbody
Out of 30 something witches, I was the only green witch at our neighborhood Witch Walk Halloween party? By the end of the night I was definitely melting in our South Carolina heat! 😂🎃
"I'm melting" for the #halloweenseaglasschallenge hosted by @adventures_in_seaglass and I. 💚
So, my doll Tabitha totally gave me the resting witch face for my "I'm melting" post earlier. Clearly, she wasn't amused. She twitched her nose, crab-napped my crabby friend Clawd & my special green bonfire piece, and they are all off on a picnic at the beach without me. She's quite capricious. I wonder where she gets that from???
My mommy says she melts every time I nestle under her chin like this, but I feel like melting isn't very healthy for humans ⛄ #whatdoesshemean #socute #immelting #somepeopleareworthmeltingfor #sundaysnooze

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