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Que per molt lluny que estigui no hem de tenir por, quan s’hi hagi de ser, hi serà. #alemanyanoenssepara #illbemissingyou 💞
I can't believe it's been 10 years & one day since you left this earth. You were 19 when it happened.. I didn't understand at 15, but now that I'm 25, it's so hard to wrap my mind around how young you were. At just 19 years old you had SO much life to live. I wonder, would you be married? Or have a babies? It's crippling to think about the things you & your family weren't able to experience together. I remember the day that I found out SO vividly. That was a ground breaking, life changing day for me. I had never lost someone before you. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever how to cope with death at that point, so, yours hit me like a ton of bricks. If your passing did anything for anyone, I hope it proves how dangerous and completely unimportant street racing is. You should be here, enjoying life with your family, guiding Derek through the world & being an 'uncle' to all your best friends kids. You should be here being your goofy self, celebrating your 29th birthday & reminiscing on the last 10 years of your life, but you aren't & because of that we all miss you & wonder who you would be today. God spared you from this, at times, cruel world but the selfish in all of us wish he didn't call you home.#restinpeace #rip #gonetoosoon #gonebutneverforgotten #youshouldbehere #illbemissingyou #10years
Good bye Windows Phone, my old friend.... Just like me you refused to comply to the status quo. Just like me you embraced being the odd man out and NEVER doing things just because others were doing it... But UNLIKE me, you failed to adapt and remain up to date... So I must say Adios (until we meet again and we WILL 😐😢😭... #lastreallumianagraphy #youcanhaveahousewithoutapples #butnotwithoutwindows #illbemissingyou #windowsphoneisdead
RIP Bullet, my big baby💔
Bullet had been at 4 different vets in the past week, he went from a perfectly healthy, happy dog, as you can see in the pictures to a dog that couldn't walk, hardly stand, stomach extremely bloated, and no energy. In a matter of days. Many tests were done and the vets couldn't figure out what was wrong. His health declined so quickly, and he was in a lot of pain, yesterday at about 1pm we placed bullet on his fav blanket and hugged and kissed him and said goodbye💔He left peacefully, we were there untill his last second. His ashes will be scattered in Joshua Tree. Thank you all for your kind words. Bullet lived 6 happy years and loved everyone he met, he was always so happy and full of life. I love you Fatboy💔 you will forever be in my heart..... #ripbabyboy #bullet #bullterrier #bigpuppy #kissies #illbemissingyou #dogheaven
phluv 1d ago
#waveoflight #october15th2017 #stillborn #madisonchantal #ourangel I haven’t ever shared photos that I got when we were in the hospital after I gave birth to Madison because they always seemed to “graphic” for social media. Almost 2 and a half years later and the pictures mean everything to me. They aren’t graphic they are her. She is real. Her hands and feet may have been small but she left imprints on my heart and soul that I could never explain in one post. I live daily to make her proud and her brother has had her by his side since day one. He will always know his sister and will always honor her with me. I know she sent him to me; I feel it deep in my soul. I’m sharing because I want to break the silence and also because I want to show how special this bear really is. We call it “sister bear”. Marshall has had this bear with him through most things in his life and it watches over him every night. It’s the one thing he will always have that his sister touched. 💕 it’s our gift to him 💕 Silence becomes part of grief if we try to not heal. I don’t want to be silent; I want her name to be said. Madison, I hope you felt this little candle light burning bright and I hope you know how much you are missed with every smile and tear of my life; you are part of my being. You saved my life and little did I know after grief cake MOUNDS of gratitude. #everybreathitake #everymoveimake #illbemissingyou I hope the world remembers all the mothers of this world and honors not only the joys but also the pains that mothers may feel. #iam1in4 and I honor every mom. I honor every life taken too. I honor my baby today and everyday. #iloveyou
Wow, I've always said that if I ever lived in another country it would easily be #Australia but man #Japan is neck and neck. Yoooo I love it here. OMG they are soooo nice and sweet! The hospitality has been amazing and always is when we come here. The fans appreciation is crazy. Love it!!! #japan #qmsd #qmikeslimdaron #dangerousgames #newalbumoct27 @theofficial112 #illbemissingyou #danceEarthFestival2017 🇯🇵

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