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White 'versions' of my puppies, OMG! They are so cute♥ My puppies are the same breed as these two white puppies but mine are black and white-brown😘 still love them😍
My babies #Kkami #Ivy
Hanging Ivy in the bedroomwindow. When you get Ivy in your garden it is hard to control, but still nice because it is green all year. Indoors it’s hangng around, easy to take cuttings aswell 💚 —> @snudeplanter loves Ivy so here is a pic of mine!
A daunting project is ahead of us as we take this dilapidated 1940's farmhouse on 100+ acres and create a picturesque Greek revival cottage out of it. The plan includes building up the front of the house to weigh down the porch and reinstate a sense of scale, growing ivy over the car port to help re-center the front of the home, adding columns and chippendale railing, and new landscaping including a garden of boxwoods around the house and a lane of potted azaleas on the approach. The sky is the limit with this funky little farmhouse. The interiors of this home look nothing like the outside (thankfully). Solid wood doors, good molding, one original fireplace (to be copied on the other side) and pairs of original French doors.

#charleston #interiordesign #design #southern #greekrevival #gothicrevival #ivy #chippendale #chinoiserie #florence #architecture #cottage #farmhouse #restoration
Tart Tuesdays anyone? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
🍫|| back at my favourite patisserie in Sydney!! The chocolate tart is the first thing I had here and it's kept me coming back. It's a little slice of heaven that melts in your mouth 🤤🤤🤤. That shiny ganache says it all! If you haven't been here, you should put it on your list!!
Most unique and loyal team in San Antonio other then the Spurs. The work ethic of this group is beind reconstruction @ivymusicgroup is set to release their first Album "LOSTBOYS" that will go beyond the city limits. Stay Tuned and watch it all change from here. Releasing 11/9 on all Platforms @swannyivy @lilbicycle @theabysss @senseireek 🍎🌱 #sanantonio
#nativeapes #underground #hiphop #producers #beats #djs #music #ivy #ivyleague #bigbag
User Image ivyandenvy Posted: Oct 24, 2017 5:36 AM
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Let’s go back to the coast, baby westward to the ocean. 🎶🤙🏼🌊

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