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User Image hufflehugz Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:24 AM (UTC)

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“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” –The Goblet of Fire #gobletoffire #harrypotterpotions #harrypotter #wand #succulents #hufflepuff #polyjuice #gillyweed #potions #spells #hpquotes
User Image Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:23 AM (UTC)

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User Image hufflehugz Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:05 AM (UTC)

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Welcome to my account that will consist of any and all things Harry Potter and book related! I am a huge Potterhead and bookworm and would love to share my love for these things with the world. Enjoy! 💛 #harrypotter #hufflepuff #books #potions #harrypotterpotions #snape #floopowder #gillyweed #felixfelicis #polyjuice
User Image itsharrypottertime Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:05 AM (UTC)

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User Image voldymorts Posted: Jan 18, 2018 4:02 AM (UTC)

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This textpost never gets old tbh
Ummmmm can my skin like chill out? I'm literally on antibiotics and all my skin has done this week is break out I'm 500% done
Hufflepuff video is live! Link in my bio!!🎉
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User Image moziemyway Posted: Jan 18, 2018 3:56 AM (UTC)

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When you cross that threshold there’s a fight to behold, a sign to let go, a mentally levitating fireworks show. When by design we are old, a thousand lifetimes ago, like a magnetic electrical flow, & we’re finally rhyming new words that we didn’t already know, we are killing the game and stealing the show.
It is the elemental reversal of a tragedy plot, a lightning speed rocket to the alchemical cot, a victim is shot, my mind is on display for anyone who is chopping the block.
It’s because I break it down and see the blueprints behind it, and suddenly I see there is no sense for the rhyming, it’s in the finding of an object, a hot mess, or a thoughtfulness that rips you right open and rewires your chest, throws the scalpel to the side and stitches you right up again.
When we land we will find that space where time is finally rewinding and if you don’t know what I mean, it’s fine my neurons are blinding, and if you condense it, it’s just conjecture, because when I see it, I deflect it and awfully lawlessly revolve it until I have covered every angle, every end game and quantum interchangeable label and thought of the ways we can save Time and use it to write fables. .
Do you recognize this flow? Did you follow the words like it’s a rhythm you already know?
Did I just really just fucking discover the deepest beat of your soul?
#rapit #writer #writerscommunity #write #rapper #verse #natural #writersnetwork #prose #irrelevantphoto #sueme #harrypotter #booknerd #gryffindor #ravenclaw #hufflepuff #slytherin #herefortheparty #mental #creative #streamofconsciousness #thehumanconnection #thehumanreflection #slampoetry #theveilthins #spokenword #poem #poet #poetsofinstagram #poetry

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