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A little late but happy one year anniversary! The past year has brought us a lot! The good and the bad. But thru it all I still love you more than the day before. Thank you for being you even when your a pain in my ass, your MY pain in my ass. I love you #happyanniversary #102116 #mylove #oct21 #foreverAndmore #tothemoonandback
Had to repost this pic from my mama 😍

Here’s to 29 years...and 29 more! 💕💍#happyanniversary #foreverandalways
#happyanniversary to us ❤️💛💚❤️💛💚❤️💛💚
Who wants to make their significant other laugh on their anniversary? There is also a distinct possibility for some tears.
12 years today with @ev_arcstudio 👰🏻🤵🏻cheers for many blessings and happy years to us 🥂 23rd Oct 2005 - 23rd Oct 2017
#happyanniversary #weddinganniversary
Happy Anniversary to the one who still makes my heart beat super fast! 12 years looks a little different now than it did then! #loveyoumore #happyanniversary
Happy 1 year anniversary to my hubby. I can’t believe today marks one year of us being married. I am so blessed to have married a wonderful man like my husband. He cares for me, loves me, makes me laugh and is always supportive. He is simply the best and I am just so fortunate that he came into my life. Here’s to having year 1 of us having married life down and here’s to many more years to come. 💕❤️💑💍
#happyanniversary hon ! There have been laughs and there have been tears but you have always continued to be my support & biggest fan. You are my rock. My partner in crime. My banana to my nice cream & in your language, rice to any Filipino dish. You are the bestest & I love you hon. #bestestboyfriend #luckygal #myhon #chlopak #polka #polishgirl
Shoutout to @ronninicolee for coming to support me and dealing with my craziness this weekend. I love you and truly appreciate you. Thanks for getting mike rashid to come sign my belt too #bestgiftever #happyanniversary