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This farmer... wasn't no harm in him. You'd give him a flower, he'd keep it forever. He was headed to the boneyard any minute, but he wasn't really goin' around squawkin' about it, like some people. In one way, I felt sorry for him, cause he had nobody to stand out for him, be by his side.... hold his hand when he needs attention or somethin'. That's touchin'. #goodbyesam
Roller coaster of emotions as we said goodbye to our childhood home in the midst of a small family reunion (~800) @gonzalezdemendoza2017 #GMendoza17 #GoodbyeSam #sororitysquat
Meet Sam! Anna and I both took care of her mom, so a year ago when she had twins we both took one and named them. I originally named her something normal, but then I found out Anna named hers after her favorite singer. So I decided to name mine after something I liked and renamed her Samaritan! (One of my favorite medical helicopters) 😂 After all we probably weren't going to keep her, and I was right as we said goodbye to her this evening...she was stubborn and obstinate anyways! 😆 #meetsam #goodbyesam #youdidntliveuptoyournamesam #samaritan #goats
Say goodbye to your momma#sam our siamese cat died last june 24😂her 1st born snowhite and 2nd born floyd( now twetie) photograph during thier nap time#naptime#goodbyesam#siamesecats #catsinstagram blueeyedsnow/greeneyedtweetie🐭🐹🐈🐺😪
It's a sad day, had to say goodbye to our dog Sam. He's been in bad shape lately and tomorrow is being put down. I will miss him dearly, this dog right here helped me so much in one of the toughest times of my life. Sam had such an energetic personality and like so many other dogs always happy to see you (probably why I love dogs so much) I will miss you Sam as you join the rest of the Sneddon's dog family in heaven. Thank you for your companionship and loyalty to our family. Forever rest in paradise my friend #goodbyesam #familydog #rip
So sad that Sam is going to leave Sunset Park House. I thought he was just joking around cuz it's random week but he really isn't, i thought at the end he's gonna say just kidding but he still didn't😭That video made me sad and very emotional but I'll always respect your decisions because we love you so much and we will miss you❤️ I LOVE YOU SAM #GoodbyeSam ❤️