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User Image daninjeri Posted: Nov 22, 2017 12:22 PM (UTC)
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This is thrilling and so amazing.
I sure know you are going to miss home and dacha solutions. Whichever way it turns, I wish you the safest fright.
User Image urbanlifewarriors Posted: Nov 22, 2017 11:09 AM (UTC)
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1: Smile back! Amazing the difference a smile can and will make in another persons life. Surprising how differently a stranger will perceive you based on the initial first impression and whether you smile or not! So if in that crucial moment at work or with the in laws - yes first impressions count and research indicates are lasting - so make a good impression!
2: Ignorant minds will call those with mental health issues as #EnergyDrainers or #BadEnergy or #Negative. #weallgothroughbadshit #KnowYourWorth #PressOn #itstemporary & have the wisdom to know when to #TakeABreak #BeAtPeace & #Rest #GodBeWithYou 🙏 #BeHappy #BeConnected #Community #Affiliated #UniversalLove #Reciprocated #Karma #Smile ☺️☀️✨🙏🙌 #keepinitreal no need to #BurnSage
User Image taiwoadegunle Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:16 AM (UTC)
9 Clarendon
Mother and Daughter moment. Adedamola Precious the hands of the Lord rest upon you. Enjoy peace of the Lord. #nysc #zamfaracorper #momloveyou #Godbewithyou
User Image wholelifefitlife Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:28 AM (UTC)
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#HEARTBEAT #MATTHEWEMMANUELILAN #GODBEWITHYOU #MYLOVE Our son is an amazing young man. This weekend I witness him caring for his best friend who got injured. Watching him as I approached the scene was breathtaking. He has love...a love that I had never seen shared for others before from him. He is almost ten now but to this day even this very morning when I went to check in on him, this is the face I see but I know he is growing into a man. May he stay loving and caring and have compassion. Love this little guy so much #HEARTHROBTUESDAY #MOMTOSEVEN
User Image neduechianu Posted: Nov 20, 2017 9:17 PM (UTC)
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Nigeria has lost one of her most outstanding Statesman and democrat per excellence in Former Vice-President Chief Alex Ekwueme, Rest in Peace great man. #ekwueme #rip #goodbye #godbewithyou
Good day, angels! My friends! How are you doing? 💓🌐💓 I have been gaining so, so much new love as well as old love and I want to tell you how appreciative I am for all this. 🐰💦 I really care about all of you beside myself and want to bring you joy with everything I post and say and do! 🎀 I pray for you, the world, and the most needy every day and night and wish for all these dreams to come to fruition. 💐 I can't wait for the day I am in orphanages and soup kitchens giving back to the people in need after reaching my goals and succeeding in the musical and artistic journey I am on. 🐾 Along the way I hope to promote true goodness in my guidance. I wish for you to be inspired by all I am doing and spread this word to help the world 💕💙💕 in whatever ways we can ~ be it feeding the hungry around the planet, saving the planet's atmosphere/oceans, or spreading a message of positivity and kindness. 🕳🐇 I pray you have a most wondrous day, my sweet children! 🦄 May God, the universe (the force!) bless you, your families and friends, and guide you to your happiest states and to succeeding in your most goodly goals! 🍥 Happy thanks giving week!!! 🥕 #AGODA 💎💎💎
PS. 🐻 That's "BEAR" who I have had since I was 5 my mom got on a trip in London at "Harrod's" (which is his 2nd name) while on tour with Nine Inc Nails for makeup artistry! ☎️📞 Trent called me on the phone when he heard I lost my first tooth 😁 and told me to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy! 🦋 Such a great memory I have! 💖 @BertaCamal (my mum!) 💕
User Image morenokv Posted: Nov 20, 2017 5:23 PM (UTC)
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You will be missed 😔 may you lay now in peace 🙏🏻 this man was my boss my friend such a really good man. #godbewithyou #untilwemeetagain #blessings
User Image hiaxinta_axeen Posted: Nov 19, 2017 1:22 PM (UTC)
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Wishing you never-ending love and the most happy life together.
We are so happy for you, stay blessed in each other's love,
May your bond stay forever with time.... Happy wedding for Mike and Verina ❤❤
#marriage #inlove #happyalways #stayblessed #godbewithyou #weddingday #forever #togetherforever #wannagrowoldwithyou #instaparty #red
User Image fernandina_rendin Posted: Nov 19, 2017 6:20 AM (UTC)
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Happy sunday... more bless more happiness more prosperity more joy... #Godbewithyou
User Image netaustralia Posted: Nov 18, 2017 11:22 PM (UTC)
3 Aden
Yesterday we farewelled this amazing group of young legends who have given their all to a year of mission with NET!

#netaus #godbewithyou #missionarydisciples #thanksgivingmass #liveyourlifeonpurpose

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