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Quando tuo marito si preoccupa X te... o per la tua dieta e ti da due super centrifugati detox con l’aloe Vera gel!!! That’s amore♥️ LOVE bar breakfast
Some days are better than others yeah...? Haha. Here it is. The struggle. I’ve avoided handstands, headstands, and just in general most arm balances that require my legs to be above my head. I’ve had the biggest mental block about them for YEARS! And then discovered aerial and thought “well now I don’t have to learn them” 😂 last week I finally got up into my headstand in a yoga class and was SO pumped and proud of myself. Tonight I decided to try again, in my home, without a wall or any support behind me... as you can see... I’m still working on it. Haha. It’s not called a “practice” for nothin. ❤️ And excuse my excessive mouth breathing my allergies are killing me lol. #practice #falldown #getup #tryagain

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