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User Image su_wagner Posted: Mar 23, 2018 1:09 PM (UTC)
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One million memories. Ten thousand inside jokes. One hundred shared secrets. One reason. Best friends. #instakids #pink #instagirls #friends #grlpwr #fun #goodtimes #birthdaybash #sunset #picoftheday #instagood
User Image laurasophiarose Posted: Mar 23, 2018 1:09 PM (UTC)

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Just LOOK at all the amazing cute postcards I found in Paperchase yesterday! @frompaperchase are literally KILLING it at the moment 🙌🏻 #paperchase #girlpower #grlpwr #femaleempowerment #feminist #stationary #stationaryaddict
“Globally, 65 million girls are not in school. Out of the 774 million people who are illiterate around the world, two-thirds are women. There are 33 million fewer girls in primary school than boys. And education really does save lives: If every woman around the globe had a primary and secondary education, childhood deaths would be cut in half.”
👉🏼 Ten(ish) pics of mine over the next few days of girls going to school, inspired by a #HuffPost article!
Hyderabad, India: this was our first time visiting a bridge camp. children who have been working in some sort of slavery (usually bonded, sometimes sex) are bought out of their often life-long contracts, and brought to these “camps” to bridge the gap between where they stopped learning (most never went to school, as they were sold at 4/5 years old) to where they should be at their age. as they get older, their price is cheaper because with each year they work, it is paying back their captor. plus, nobody wants older children – they are a liability and get more tired.
this happened to be an all-girl bridge camp, and these girls are left without family once they’re sold, without status, and without any sort of hope except prostitution once their time is up as a bonded laborer. going to a bridge camp gives them the opportunity and potential to do something else with their life.
to say these girls were inspiring is the simplest thing i could say about a group of powerful women. they’d all experienced more pain than i could ever have imagined, both physically and emotionally (imagine your family selling you!), and yet they were full of smiles and dreams. the first day we were there, this very day, they all sang a beautiful song to us about fighting for their rights, about becoming whatever they want to be when they grow up, and i was moved to tears (it’s up on youtube! should i link it??). after they sang for us, each girl shared what they wanted to do as a profession. many wanted to be social workers and give back somehow, one was determined to be in Tollywood, and others wanted to be doctors and teachers.
#grlpwr #thefutureisfemale #girlsbelonginschool
User Image suzanemell Posted: Mar 23, 2018 1:05 PM (UTC)

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Há um tempo em que é preciso abandonar as roupas usadas, que já tem a forma do nosso corpo, e esquecer os nossos caminhos, que nos levam sempre aos mesmos lugares. É o tempo da travessia: e, se não ousarmos fazê-la, teremos ficado, para sempre, à margem de nós mesmos (Fernando Pessoa)

#fazendoablogueira #tentei #intimasdaray #FITAGEMESTICADINHA #grlpwr #amorproprio
☝🏻 Mood☝🏻 It’s FriYAAAY! Our daddy is home this weekend and we are super excited! If you are a girl mom... (if not, you can stop reading after you double tap high 🖐🏻 us because it’s Friday!) ...I have to brag about these two brands. 👗Dress is from @remie.girl You guys. This is hands down one of the most well made dresses we own. Shipping was crazy fast and can we talk about the twirl factor??? Amazing. 👡 Shoes are from @freshlypicked again another amazing company. The level of quality is outstanding. 👌🏻 Go check them out!
User Image mecontadireito Posted: Mar 23, 2018 12:57 PM (UTC)

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Meu recado para as mulheres que levantam todo dia em busca dos sonhos, mas que ainda guardam em si frustrações: não compare seu caminho ao caminho dos outros. Cada um traz dentro de si aquilo que necessita para alcançar seja lá o que se deseja, mesmo que o mundo a nossa volta grite que não. Lute mais um dia, e voe!
(Porque dia da mulher é todo dia - não nos esqueçamos)
#grlpwr #lugardemulhereondeelaquiser #sonhos #motivacao #amor #sororidade #mulher
User Image ladsthyng Posted: Mar 23, 2018 12:54 PM (UTC)

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We all are broken...
That's how the light gets in
User Image antidote.yasmin Posted: Mar 23, 2018 12:45 PM (UTC)
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“You are strength. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every single day to achieve and love. Some of you are lost to insensitive laws, to archaic theology, to violence and to poverty, and yet there is still a confidence that envelopes the bones of a woman, there is always still courage in your eyes. Even the strongest of structures within history have crumbled under pressure, during war, through the toughest times this planet has endured, and yet women still stand in solidarity, women still have their feet planted firmly on the ground like redwoods of optimism. You inspire through that, and you save lives every single day when you awake and exclaim your power, your thirst for equality. You allow the others to know that they aren’t alone, you mother the lost, the hurting, the broken and you are an example of selfless might. You hold the worlds hand, and within that you create unity, you breed hope. For that all I can say, all I can yell from the top of my lungs and from the deepest, most grateful part of my soul is “Thank you.”

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