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User Image mwfm2st Posted: Jan 8, 2018 6:13 AM (UTC)
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RICK ROSS "God Forgives-I Don't "ฮิปฮอปร่างใหญ่ ไซร์บิ๊ก สภาพเยี่ยม ลาย# เท่ สกรีนหน้า/หลัง size XL 23.5x29 ราคา 380 บาท ส่งฟรี** #rickross #gfid #godforgivesidont #raptees #mwfm2st
User Image harlemishome Posted: Nov 26, 2017 10:23 PM (UTC)
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User Image this_is_gods_plan2 Posted: Oct 25, 2017 4:31 PM (UTC)

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My Mind Clear, In The Best Shape Of My Life......41 Never Looked So Good!!! #cazal #betterthanever #kingshit #almosthome #gfid #millionairemindset
User Image this_is_gods_plan2 Posted: Sep 30, 2017 8:58 PM (UTC)

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Yess, it is my B-Day! I wanna thank the man above for blessing me to see another year! Also I wanna shout out everyone that been there thru thick and thin with me!
#almosthome #libraseason♎️ #GFID
User Image mattgirard Posted: Sep 22, 2017 10:08 PM (UTC)
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MUSTER 004💥: Came to get some and get some the @nutritionsolutions team and I did!
This past week some of the NS team and I were given the opportunity to fly out to San Diego, CA to be apart of Extreme Ownership Muster 004. -
I have listened to the book 2x and I thought I understood and practiced Extreme Ownership at a high level.
After being apart of Muster 004 I have a new definition of High Level. It was go,go,go from 4:30am-4:30pm and with the morning PT to keeping my mind engaged all day long in the seminar; it was hard to cut off after 4:30pm. I wanted to get out, practice it, and enjoy the change I felt in my self. - That I did.
Being back to Tampa I brought a refined version and a higher understanding of extreme ownership. I like owning everything in my world...and hey if someone doesn't want to own something in theirs I'm more than happy too.
The one thing I had a hard time doing and still am not the best at, is taking that step back, looking around, planning, and then going forward with extreme ownership and precise execution.
If you have yet to read this book I suggest you pull the trigger and give it a read or listen. When you own your world the world really is yours.
Thank you for everyone @jpdinnell and @echelon_front for putting this event together. It's a real blessing. Thank you @nutritionsolutions for investing in not just your employees but in our personal lives as well.
"forsake them all, I hate them all, don't like em, don't pretend to" 📓 what's your favorite Andre 3000 verse? #comment below!
#hiphopheads #hiphopjunkie #rapmusic
User Image mattgirard Posted: Sep 17, 2017 4:04 AM (UTC)
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6 months ago I was hired to work for @nutritionsolutions by the man in charge @chriscavallini . As a part of the hiring process, Chris sat down with me and wanted to know my why, what some of my personal goals were and my goals with Nutrition Solutions.
True goals: I didn't have. The one thing I knew I had though was drive, ambition, and I enjoyed the pressure of going against the grain.
Someone who shares these same characteristics is this man in this photo @jerrywardii -
I had been telling Chris that I had heard about Nutrition Solutions through Jerry's YouTube channel Bios3training. Chris saw this as an opportunity to put me on the phone with the man.
This was one of the first of many opportunities that was created for me. But much of the road map was influenced by Jerry's YouTube videos, his connection with NS & Chris, his ability to go against the grain, and his talent to break down, and dispel common thought.
Much of my college experience wasn't learned in the traditional classroom a lot of it was learned eating my last few meals for the day and listening to Bios3. Those videos truly motivated me. I saw that bios3 put himself out there, owned his shit, and wasn't afraid to speak up when he disagreed with the common place thought.
I always had a strong sense of self, and I always craved the ability to be independent. I saw that Jerry had this. I saw a video where Jerry interviewed Chris, and Chris said "in order to grow surround yourself with people that are better than you". Jerry was/ is someone who is better than me. Maybe not everything but something's he was and the things that he was better than me at, were what I wanted to be better at my self. I couldn't effectively surround my self with Jerry but I was able to indirectly surround my self by watching /listening to his videos.
On the other hand, Chris, was somebody better than me, that I could surround my self with - Just needed to drive 2 hours to Tampa from Orlando.🚙 I did. Now I live in Tampa. Now I'm flown out on a private jet to be at the Olympia to meet the man who was and will always be a huge influence @jerrywardii THANK YOU!

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