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I try to keep things light on social media. Ever so often I post a pretty Palm Tree, a carefully crafted cocktail, or some place I passed through. I keep my opinions mostly to myself because who wants to make waves with friends or family over the internet when it happens enough in real life! (Just kidding! Kinda!) But the last few weeks have been heavy. Never ending natural disasters, a mass shooting that hit way too close to home. Seeing so many in pain and suffering and yet having no idea how to help, how to make things better, or sadly, knowing things will not change, is paralyzingly pathetic. I'm too old for a quarter life crisis, too young for a midlife one, but I've never felt so helpless or uncertain about the world. Yet with all the awful, unthinkable things that have occurred as of late, the least surprising has to be all that led to the #MeToo movement. Seriously, all girls and women, (and let's not forget some boys & men) have been sexually harassed or assaulted. If we're all looking for something to unite us here it is, because that's over half the fucking world! The fact that this is only ever brought up due to some scandal is insane; like we should all be surprised that some asshole with power used it against those, who in his eyes, had none. For fucks sake, we elected another one as President! These are not just headlines. They are sadly our way of life. Raise your hand if you were told to avoid certain situations, things not to do, places not to go 🙋🏻This "boys will be boys" attitude permeates the entire way young girls are raised and it didn't really hit me until now that the reason why is because our mothers, aunts, grandmothers already had lived it. It was not just a warning. Every time you were told to "be careful" or "watch out" it was because it was assumed you would be assaulted in some way, shape or form. Not if, but when. And the statistics prove it. So if you're still with me after this insomnia induced rant, here's my line in the sand: If you don't think there's a problem, you are the problem. If you tell your story, I am listening. If you keep quiet, I understand. You are not alone. We are the majority. Let's change this. #MeToo
Hello, my sexy motherfuckers. It feels like it’s been a year since I’ve posted here, but it’s only been a week.
If you are about to report this, please note that this is @/sonicfan799 inspired art style. I know, like, I am trying WAY too hard.

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I feel like this is the most accurate depiction of me. You guys see a lot of a side I didn't show a lot people. I love that side but this side...Dressing more masculine. I maybe say "fuck you" 93 times a day. I don't just like to be naked. I love flowers, skateboarding, drawing shitty cartoons, comic books. Idk. Still trying to figure out what I'm doing but god damn I loved to be photographed. Even though, I'm not excellent at it or as beautiful as all these women and men I compare myself to. I fucking love self expression and I really want to show both sides. So from now on you going to see Lilly and Lillith. The flower and the demon. 🌸💀🌸 #badrant #inmyfeelings #fuckyou #fuckthis #fuckthat

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