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Putting the finishing touches to a new piece by @zandism over his own old Sleeping Dragon piece in Stucley Place, #camden done over 2 days. Goes to show pigs can fly, a golden handshake about Brexit perhaps? Missed my opportunity to ask when interrupting when in action. Apologies but thanks for the quick chat! #mural #urbanart #graffiti #graffitilondon #streetart #streetartlondon #art #sprayart #aerosol #spraycanart #wallart #flyingpigs #pigs Thanks for the tip off @gingenius
This is Nicole and she is 17 years old. She was eased by human parents and herself was also a human. She was home schooled and not very good when it came to other people so as she got up to high school she was bullied but she changed that, but not in a good way. And then, she became was she is today.

Rose was born in a little village with her mother. Her father died in a war. Rose's step-father was a shadow lord so he wasn't around all the time to see her. When Rose was about the age of 15, her mother died and was force to marry the king's son. Rose refused to be forced to a marriage. Rose could not control her shadow knight for the wedding so her step-father taught her but she failed every time. Since her mother was part werewolf and her real father was part shadow knight she had powers. Her powers were to kill people with her eyes. Rose lost temper and accidentally cursed her best friend. Rose was sad and angry at the same time. Rose went to see her best friend die, Rose cried for hours but little did she knew that her tears healed her best friend. Rose's mother had healing powers and since Rose was besides her mother. Rose's mother transferred her powers to Rose. Rose was so happy but she had to do something else. Her and all her friends ran away to the real world were she became the first female alpha warrior.
A pleasure to gain my first cap for the RAF vultures (VETS) absolutely fucked after 80 mins 😴🏉 #rugby #vetsrugby #oldboys #backrow #rafrugbyunion #flyingpigs
This is my oc season she has a winter form a spring form and her original form she doesn't have a summer or an autumn form as she's not fully grown yet. She watches flying pigs daily because she's an artist aswell and she loves to see flying pigs draw as it helps her improve. Her hobbies are taking care of animals and nature she's an outgoing funny person with a big personality and a big heart #flyingpigs
Business Charge: Dress like you did in high school.
My Strategy: Grunge.
Market Research: Results prove I was more of a Chess King guy.
(...don’t tell @ahayob, @joystrazza, @sarahlieb)
#Area23High #FlyingPigs
Finally made an Orae reference sheet since her design and character story has changed massively!
Orae grew up in a lab where humans with inhuman like capability/powers are taken to be experimented on. You see...there are two world, one world that humans live on and another which is basically the after life. However this afterlife is different, once you pass on you gain powers that match you're personalities or what you would be like (If you died young). Magic stays in that world...or so it should. When a mother is expecting twins if one twin dies during the pregnancy the powers the twin would have obtained will pass onto the surviving twin. This bridges a gap between the two worlds and the dead twin will never be free until the other dies but usually when the twin dies they don't exist until the other dies... But not Orae! Her twin stayed with her, watching the world around him through Orae's extra eye located on her forehead. This also is dangerous for Orae because she isn't the only one who can control 'their' powers. Although Orae and Adam (her twin) have learnt to live in harmony sometimes they push their trust in one another to the limit and could it be the end of them both?
•First/Last name: Orae Blyth
•Age: 16
•Good traits: She's quite brave (but it's usually Adam who has to push her to do things), she has an excellent singing voice, she is very good at aiming weather it with a bow or gun, she tries to be a caring person to everyone.
•Bad traits: She quite blunt, she is definitely an introvert, she's quite gullible and she sometimes lets her kind nature to all lead her into trouble.
•Power: Can transform into animals.
•First/Last name: Adam Blyth •Age: 16
•Good traits: He's very brave (and tries to encourage Orae to be the same), he's definitely an extrovert, he's good at combat and will definitely use his powers and skills to protect Orae, he a very likeable and funny guy.
•Bad Traits: He can sometime be hurtful without meaning to be, he can get so angry of not having his own body that he can get angry and annoyed at Orae.
•Power: Can make objects move/float

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