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Today's feels 😪
After a whole night of having someone coughing in my face, I'm not feeling the best myself!
#tired #sick #pain #feellikeshit #overit
Back at It ... No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed and slay...#werk #LA #Hollywood #LivintheDream #DreamHotelHollywood #blessed #feellikeshit 🤣💪🏽💄💅🏼💋👠👑💯
When the life is all in all good, the apartment, the work, the band, friends and family, but still everything in my head feels like total fucking chaos... I hate this feeling... 📷: unknown
#anxiety #feels #fuckyoubrain #mybrainisanasshole #lifeisgood #everythingisfine #totalfuckingchaos #overthinking #feellikeshit #imokay
#TBT to 14 days ago. •
The day I made a decision to stop beating myself up about how I let myself feel like shit. •
🤘I started following my Meal planning & Prep system again. #Prep4Success 🤘I choose one of the programs in the home online gym. 🤘I printed out the workout calendar and food trackers, then posted them up on my fridge. 🤘I'm holding myself accountable to writing things down and if I miss a day, I don't freak out on myself, I just write one of my favorite motivational quotes on the missed day of the tracker. 🤘I committed to my Online Private Health Group I would post after my workouts and share what I'm eating. As well as personally check in with my coach no less than once a week. •
Sometimes we lose track, sometimes we start to lose belief in ourselves because our lives get so busy or tragic events occur.
But it's not that we can't do it. It's that we just have to RECOMMIT and just follow the plan JUST AS IT TELLS YOU. •
No making my own shortcuts or rules, because if that shit worked I'd be in a place I wanted to be like 5 years ago😂

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Had to go outside on my break at work today to get some fresh air. Not feeling well. Not sure what it's from. The floors being done bothered me two times ago but I was fine the last time so who knows... Ugh at least it's a nice day out. Hoping to feel better as the day goes on.
But!!! On a positive note I got down to 160.0 on the scale today!!!!!! Can't believe it! Yay! #smallwin
#selfie #coffee #blah #work #feellikeshit #feellikecrap #letsdothis

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