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World food day is observed on October 16, every year.  This is to honor the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN which was founded in 1945.
The vision of this organization is to facilitate food to every life on the planet. The planet has been crying with the pain of the unnatural death of young innocent children and adults for decades because of malnourishment and hunger.
2017 is the year of prominence for the world food day as the theme for this year is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development”
815 million people worldwide are hungry that is over 11% of the global population.
Let’s dig deeper this world food day to resolve the problem of eliminating hunger in our own right.
World Food Day & Undernourished 

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Oh mamacita💖est-ce que tu me supportera toda la vida💓😎parceque je suis un trafiquant de la calle
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PT 🇧🇷(English below👇) - Desperdício e perda no processo produtivo de comida, infografico do site da #FAO. A atual quantidade de #comida desperdiçada no mundo é responsável por 19% do uso total de fertilizantes, 21% do uso total da água, 18% da área total de cultivos vegetais e 21% do volume em aterros. É preciso um menor manejo do desperdício a nível global.

EN 🇺🇸 - #Foodloss and waste, infographic in FAO's site.

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At World Food Programme, "we believe that #ZeroHunger begins at the community and household level, so join us in the Zero Hunger Challenge for a world free from hunger and under nutrition!" #UN #FAO #WFP #ZeroHunger #WFD2017
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Oggie si pecicilan yang paling pecicilan diantara para pecicilan, eky yg kerjaannya ngeloby orang mulu tapi rasa tanggung jawabnya gede banget, agus yang jiwanya emak2 banget selalu ngurusin anak2nya dari masak sampe bebenah, yoppy yang kerjaannya molor mulu tapi pas ada yang celaka dia orang pertama yg cari obat2an herbal pokoknya langsung keluar rasa care nya, vabry yg kelakuannya kek bocah sangat amat sulit dipahami pokoknya orang macam ini, Linda yang paling kalem sekalinya ngomong pasti marah2, dan iin yang tukang ngambek kalo lagi di loby selalu bilang "gue pulang nih" 😂😂😂😂 Tapi intinya kalian keren, apalagi pas hujan tenda bocor semua anak2 cowok rela hujan2an demi benerin tenda sampe ada yang jongkok menggigil kedinginan😢 uuuhhhh tayang tayang tayang deh pokoknyaaaa😘❤
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