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User Image miss_billyjoe Posted: Nov 22, 2017 3:24 PM (UTC)
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#workinprogress ... Have you ever seen the alcohol machine? .... This is #TrailHerTrashCommandment 2. THOU SHALL POUR UNTIL IT RAINS.
#Factaboutme My older brother adopted me and my younger brother when I was in 8th grade because my mother was dealing with alcoholism when my step father died of a heart attack. .
The #TrailHerTrashCommandments is a show consisting of 10 paintings based on my real life, growing up in a trailer in the South Jersey Woods issues I’ve faced navigating through life, dropping out of college at Temple University, up to where I am now, a financially struggling 31 year old single mother of 3 chasing my art dreams. #Artbybillyjoe
Had to put this on hold today to #FreeCyntoiaBrown
Fact about me, I cant drink coffee even just a little bit 😂😔 Ps : it was a cup of hot chocolate on my hand 😬 and I love it ❤️
User Image renovation1930 Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:41 AM (UTC)
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morning @elizabeth_c_dalton ! So sorry it’s so late again 😂🙈 i was too busy watching Amir Khan scream at snakes 😂 did anyone else watch that? #factaboutme I am the mummy to two little boys ☺️ & I would love a big family 🙈☺️💕 what about you @bella_homeatno26 @lifeatno.10 tell us one fact about yourselves :)? 💕
#ourhome #homeanddecor #homeandinterior #kitchen #kitcheninspo #tiles #subwaytiles #modern #renovation #kitchendecor #mixertap #grey #housesofinstagram #instagood #instagram #instadaily #monochrome #stripes #shelf #flowers #homeinspo #houserenovation
User Image agitocross Posted: Nov 21, 2017 5:29 AM (UTC)
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Omfg I'm so weird..... Sorry when I'm sick I have negative thoughts of myself.
User Image arisaamarissa Posted: Nov 21, 2017 4:51 AM (UTC)
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somehow I ended up being an engineer 😂, life can change the way you choose it... #factaboutme #novemberforyou
User Image elizabeth_c_dalton Posted: Nov 20, 2017 8:00 PM (UTC)
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🌟All that glitters is not gold 🌟
Or in this case it is. Still obsessing over my feathers and working out if I can make them a permanent feature.. ‘for life, not just for Christmas’. Thanks for the #widn tag @clairelalsmith I love all the little bits you got today. Let’s shake it up a bit... tell me a fact about yourself #factaboutme ; @renovation1930 @life_at_2doveave @maisys_home @a_rented_home63 xx
User Image _chrisaaa.spam12_ Posted: Nov 20, 2017 7:40 AM (UTC)
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20 Fact About Me
1. Manusia ( jelas lahh )
2. Bisa bernafas :v
3. Tinggal di bumi ( gausah ngaco deh lu )
4. Tinggal di rumah ( di kali aja sekalian )
5. Perempuan •_•
6. Masih bocah -_-
7. Masih SD :v
8. Kelas 6 SD
9. Gak suka olahraga `_`
10. Suka slime
11. Suka squishy
12. Punya 2 akun
13. Sebenernya punya banyak akun sekitar 5 - 6 tapi gak aktif kecuali 2 akun
14. Punya adik
15. Adiknya masih TK
16. Adiknya ngeselin
17. Sering GaJe ( jujur amat :v )
18. Suka baca buku kecuali buku pelajaran -_-"
19. Mulai GaJe
20. Dan... Selesaiiii! ~
Itulah fact about me... Sebenernya kalau diitung banyak yg gaje ya?
Yg terlalu jujur cuma beberapa
Gitu aja lah untuk saat ini
Next post aku bakal spam terus
Inget! Promote akunku biar 100 Foll dan aku akan ngadain Giveaway
#factaboutme #gaje #spampost
User Image jaderich_ Posted: Nov 19, 2017 10:21 AM (UTC)
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#funfact about me 3 (maybe i don't remember) -I am bored af-

I play music since I was three y/o.
I went to a Catholic Kindergarden (irony) and the Nuns taught us how to play the flute, read music and sing. I was really happy, because I felt like music was my thing, but during the last year of elementary school our music teacher use me to explain to my classmate how to not play an instrument and she told to me things like "You have not ear for music", "Don't ever sing", "You are not able to learn how to play and how to make music" etc...
Once I was home a started to cry that day and I stopped play music. I used to have a little child piano in my old home and my mum was worried because I didn't play it ever after that.
During middle school happened a thing, my music teacher heard me sing and, even if I was a first year student, she put me in the school choirs. At the beginning I wasn't happy, because I thought she was going to treat me like the old music teacher, I felt like I wasn't good enough and in some ways I made myself sank.
During middle school i learnt how to play the Alto Sax and I was in the school marching band and during my last year I entered in my city marching band/orchestra as second Alto Sax. But, again, I felt like i didn't deserve it.
I stayed in the orchestra for almost five years, then because of my last years of high School i left.
During High School I began to study Sing again and began to learn how to play guitar. (the story of how i met my vocal teacher is very funny ahaha)
Now I'm a girl who loves play music again, it makes me so happy and free. I love sing for people, I love write music and lyrics...I'm again that little girl who loves play music and have fun.

#fact #me #factaboutme #music #memories #badmemories #nowiamhappy #photo
User Image noemisnk Posted: Aug 23, 2017 7:53 PM (UTC)
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Ich habe Sommersprossen. 🌹#factaboutme
User Image laboriscole Posted: Nov 17, 2017 9:03 PM (UTC)
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Many ask do I wear contacts..... no, not at all!!! Fact About Me: My eyes change colors based on light reflections and my emotions! Hmmm.... Could you guess my mood or emotions on this picture? Ha!!!! #BrownEyes #GreenEyes #FacTAboutMe
User Image habibahs_ Posted: Nov 16, 2017 3:02 PM (UTC)
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Aku tak pandai, sebab tu aku suka buku.
Bila aku baca buku, aku rasa aku dah cukup pandai.
User Image merylstreep_5 Posted: Nov 16, 2017 12:13 PM (UTC)
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1. Blondie, flickebarn (it's a swedish word), Meryl Jr. (At my theatre) and the sarcastic devil!
2. Blue
3. Blonde
4. I'm a kind person!
5. Yellow, green and gold.
6. Stage... lol. No but I really like Paris
7. Meryl Streep!❤❤❤
8. Dog!
9. The winner takes it all; Meryl streep. And Maria; by Blondie.
10. I dont read books... hehe
#followme #merylstreep #streeper #streepers #lovemerylstreep #lovemeryl #mammamia #shesdevil #sophieschoice #devilwearsprada #makeup #smiles #actress #awesome #clothes #opera #hd #hot #fanpage
User Image estsa_home_2018 Posted: Nov 16, 2017 10:10 AM (UTC)
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wer ist eigentlich diese Esther? 👱🏻‍♀️
Deswegen kommen heute "15 Fakten über mich".
✖️Ich bin 24 Jahre alt👶🏻➡️👱🏻‍♀️
✖️seit Mai 2013 glücklich verheiratet💑
✖️Kinderwunsch positiv🤗
✖️wir haben uns im Februar diesen Jahres den Traum eines Hundes erfüllt 🐾🐕
✖️ich bin ein absuluter Familienmensch
✖️habe wegen der Arbeit 2013 meine Heimat verlassen und bin in die Nähe von Köln gezogen💸
✖️wegen dem absulut heftigen Heimweh sind wir dieses Jahr wieder zurück gezogen🛣
✖️und das wollen wir besiegeln mit unserem Hausbau 🏡
✖️ich habe 5 Geschwister 👱🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👦🏼
✖️10 Nichten und Neffen 👱🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻
✖️Ich liebe die "Farbe" weiß ✖️Ich trage Schuhgröße 40👠
✖️ich bin süchtig nach Weichspüler 🤗
✖️ich liebe Nudeln🍝
✖️Lieblingszitat "die Liebe erträgt alles"💖 #follow4follow #followme #köln#köln2016#factory #factaboutme #hausbau#scanhaus#hausherren#fashion #fashionphotography #love#longhairdontcare #blondehair #blogger
User Image kuli4iki Posted: Nov 15, 2017 6:42 PM (UTC)
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На днях подруга делала пост 10 фактов о себе, три из которых ложь! Так вот я единственная угадала все три! 💫👏🏼
Сегодня хочу с вами поиграть в эту игру! Заодно что-то новенькое обо мне узнаете! 😉
Только у меня будет всего лишь два факта придуманных моей светлой головой! 💡
Ну что, погнали! 🐎
💫1. Маленькая три раза разбивала голову🤕
💫2. Не могу есть печень, сразу выворачивает наизнанку🤢
💫3. Первый раз поехала на море в 2 года🌊
💫4. В детстве занималась народными танцами💃🏻
💫5. Люблю ходить пешком, прям весь город могу обойти, даже зимой☃️
💫6. Ушла из универа на последнем курсе🎓
💫7. Всегда опаздываю, во сколько бы не проснулась🙈
💫8. Ездила автостопом аж до Крыма👍🏼
💫9. Жутко боюсь надувать воздушные шарики🎈
💫10. Хочу жить на берегу моря🏝 Ну или хотя бы просто где есть море🌊
Ну вот! Гадайте! 🤠
Через пару дней напишу ответ! Кто угадает получит от меня конфетку в директ! 😋


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