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This what the world coming to. You heard of a #lacefront? I'm making a #facefront #BeardEextensions. I'ma have em for y'all all summer '18
They done moved my ass right at the #FrontDoor. Like I'm the face of the #company or some shit. If they only knew it just makes it easier to sneak off at #Random undetected. Lol
#Ghosting #TheyDoneFuckedUp #FaceFront #thisthatbullshit #MyDesk #SomebodySaveMe
There it is. The diamond in the rough. The best book in my Uncle Buddy's collection. Amazing Spider Man no. 31
first appearance of Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. To say it is in fair condition would be a stretch because most of his books look like the X-Men no. 21
Doesn't matter. It exists and it isn't going anywhere.
Thanks Uncle Buddy it's in safe hands.
#amazingspiderman @marvel #comicsareliteraturetoo
#sequentialart #facefront #excelsior
Safest coolest Experiment.
This the safest reality of unemulsified ( is there English as such ?) creation of oil and water in a 250ml PET bottle (yelz #naturalsupplies Has it ..beeni) With FLip lids.
Water first, oil next or vice versa but either way, it separates.
The picture taker put flower, put brush, probably got good phone camera and snap! Snap!! Snap!!! Selected best picture and posted.
I know you will say its fine..... The person just did a simple alluring picture branding idea.
Have you taken your own? Kick(ed) in some creativity? Use what you have within your capability finish?

Your budget may not accommodate cute expensive bottles and jars, but no crime in alluring, teasing and flirting with our sense of sight .... While you buy here....#naturalsupplies
Meet one of our brand ambassadors, Jennifer! Her and Bren are the perfect match! 😍✨ #NaturalSlay

But on the flip side, I'd say "a man who leaves a good woman for a hot slay queen will end up craving the good woman under the burning coals of his hot slay queen."
#WisdomIsProfitableToDirect 💭 #Quotestoliveby #LifeQuotes #Quotestags #FaceFront
Anger Management
I heard from someone how drinking or sipping water while seething emotionally aids curbing your outburst.
Seems like a logical thing to do. No, energy for malicious bitterness
So many good things, to learn from, act on, feed on, push forth. Holding oneself down emotionally is draining isn't it?

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