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Warren has a safe built in________
(The Actual safe from the actual song)
Name the year of the safe and what #corwinfox song it is from and you could win some #foxswag and the new CD
#corwinfoxmusic #actualsafe #thathasnotbeenopened
"AbouT LaST NiGhT" - Out with these band of brothers last night celebrating birthday for my boy @gluca78 and years of friendship with these Gents for Life! ✊🏽😎🥃 #negronisquad
New fave coffee shop just launched their new site! Time to get some swag! 😎🦊
"FoX SWaG" - Lovin this dude's swag in this pic! True FoxStyle! The statement power that comes with the right Hat! 🦊🤙🏾 #coupdetete
New ruler has staked her claim to the Land of Naps and Dreams...
taywho 5M ago
The people who love me know I love foxes. #foxswag #zerofoxgiven
Ready to join an Asian tourist group. All she needs is her fanny pack...
Momma's back at work today so that means for the next 3 days, it's just me & Noodles! #daddydaycare
Per usual we are late & missed the 3 month return window. Guess we'll keep her...
Nora is so lucky to have Emos & Titas that will travel just to read & sing to her for bedtime... #auntielife

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