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Bad news: we thought we fixed the knocking problem on the passenger side of the car but no bueno
Good news: baby got me a threaded adapter so I now can have threaded shift knobs😄
#europroblems #euro #vw #eurogirl #notagti
A lot of time and effort wasted on this car 😩guess I'm sticking with jdm #europroblems #keepitjdm
Getting my annual dose of baseball in. We could make a living off babysitting - accepted currencies: pizza and baseball tickets #toronto #boston #jays #redsox #anyoneknowtherules? #freshofftheboat #europroblems
Now who said the Jetta couldn't go off-road I may or may not have cracked an oil pan 😅#Jetta #volkswagen #tdi #offroad #europroblems #euro #fartcan #mud
When your Bashing a few gears, then your car becomes twice as loud and you look in the mirror and see some big long threads flying around hahahaha byby mr muffler. #europroblems #cantholdback130hourses #shhhhhh #e30
So as most of you know Lacey and I have moved into a house. Finally having a house that you can call home is a very good feeling. #roommatefreelife #volkswagencouple #europroblems #winstonowenwillingham #excitedforthefuture #partnerincrime #bestfriend
Throwback to a diet of kebabs and gelato 🍦, getting weirdly excited every time I saw a Black person 👀, an unnecessary amount of castles 🏰, cobblestones, public transport that works 🚈, Slavic doggos 🐕, deciphering which bathroom says the word "women" 🚺, learning the 14 times table off by heart (#ExchangeRateProblems) 💶, an obscene amount of bread 🍞 and actual rays of sunlight 🌞

#TaylaTakesEurope #ThrowBackThursday #DoggoWhispererExtraordinaire #CarbsOnCarbsOnCarbs #TheRandIsAboutAsStableAsMyDiet #EuroProblems #ChooChooMotherfuckers #ASliverOfSummer #HiMyNameIsTaylaAndIAmAddictedToGelato #SloveniaForTheBois 🇸🇮 #Deutschland 🇩🇪
Who has vagcom Im in deep with these top issues. #europroblems
I was completely ready to be a "boy mom". I had gotten so used to a typical, rowdy, rambunctious little boy in my life that finding out we were having a girl threw me for a little loop. Not only that, but aside from the usual newborn fussiness, her personality is already so different than my son's. She might become a tomboy - which is cool. But right now, the one thing I struggle with the most is choosing her clothes. Dressing my boy was FUN, dressing her seems overwhelming. I surely don't want to dress her all in pink (especially hot pink, blah!) and she does have a lot of "gender neutral" clothes. Yet there is such an abundance of options for "girly clothes", different types of headbands, rompers, dresses, tights - that it's not an easy feat to choose for a Libra like me who is just indecisive by nature and has to weigh ALL options first before deciding. Her room right now is a disaster (I can hardly see the floor since clothes are strewn all over it) and my anxiety kicks into high gear thinking I have to go through them all and separate them by size/season. Plus we all know some sizes are not true to fit their actual age (Dom always wore clothes for older kids because of his gigantic size). This has been on my to-do list for a loooong time now. We have been lucky and have gotten many basically new hand me downs, as well, but there comes a time when you also need to turn those away and say, "Thanks, but no thanks." It's not easy making her look like a girl since everyone assumes if your newborn doesn't have a headband, it must be a "he". I can't help but have that irk me just a bit. Girls aren't born wearing headbands. Anyone else have trouble dressing their babes for any particular reason? All I know for sure is that she, just like her bro, always needs an undershirt, 'cause #europroblems #eurolife #eurokids.
#5weeksold #babygirl

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