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I apologize I posted this with a caption and have no clue why it didn’t post what I had typed ! Anyway I am glad I did a haul post yesterday because we did not expect to get any of this last night 😂 we went to a local store called Zia records and left with all of this for about $75 I went in too look for Wii games and then life is strange caught my eye and 🤷🏽‍♀️ I am super glad with everything we picked up ! An unexpected haul turned out for the best, I used to own super Mario galaxy 1 and 2 but parted ways with them about 6 years ago so I was pleased to find them both the same night and about $11 each, epic mickey and Mario tennis were $5.99 each, and life is strange was $14.99 I believe the Xbox games were all less than $11 it was a good night at the store for us!
I finally got Epic Mickey again. I haven’t played this game in forever. I got it used for $4 0.0 hope it works well
#epicmickey #throughthelookingglass #oswaldtheluckyrabbit #mickeymouse #disney
fjh103 4d ago
Josh is really practicing his shading and sketching. I think he's getting pretty awesome #epicmickey #sketchbook #drawings
Heya boss! Epic Mickey had so much potential but it was squandered. Just like Disney Infinity. I don’t blame Warren Spector, Junction Point or Avalanche Software. They did amazing work. The Disney bosses however don’t understand the game industry and never will. #epicmickey #oswald #oswaldtheluckyrabbit #disney #inktober #ink #drawing #mickeymouse #iantheghost #ian #junctionpoint #disneyland #wasteland #greatgame