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HOORAY for @teamcocktail apparel!! I'm so excited to let y'all know that you can get fun, comfy, sporty gear with slogans about your favorite cocktails at a 15% DISCOUNT w/ promo code BAILEY at checkout ••• Go to to see all the cool stuff they've got! Wanna go on a #teamcocktailcruise ? They can hook you up! 🍹 "A Drinking Company with an Apparel Problem" 🍻 #cheerstothat #teamcocktail #TCrep #drinkinggames #drinkingproblem #drinkdrankdrunk #drinkingshirt
People say I've got a drinking problem, no problem drinking at all. Country Deep boyfriend distress tee now available on our website. #countrydeep #drinkingproblem #boyfriendtee
YouTube Video:
“How Alcohol Affects Depression”
Another viewer sent me a question about how to handle dealing with alcohol and depression. I love helping where I can. Some people are scared to open up about things they are going through, but I’m glad I have a platform where people feel more comfortable sharing their issues with me. If you struggle with alcohol and depression, this video will help you out tremendously. Click the link in my bio to watch the full video.
@eric.enn I knew you had a drinking problem, no more denying it. We're all here to help you out! #lol #craftbeer #craftbrew #drinkingproblem
They keep on talkin'
Drawing conclusions
They call it a problem, I call it a solution
Just sitting here in all my grand illusions
They call it a problem, I call it a solution

#budlight #latepost #drinkingproblem #theonethingicancountonismybuds

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