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The ONE and ONLY signature of the ONE and ONLY TRAVIS PASTRANA!!!!! #soooooolucky Thanks SO much @kfmza for this amazing opportunity 🙏🏻#dreamsdocometrue #luckygirl #nitrocircus @travispastrana @nitrocircus
Please pardon my French...But I just had to share this! I’m still on my way and I do believe when we get there (YOU included) it will be f*cking amazing!! 💕✨
Our founder, Sarah, on @mornings9 this morning speaking about “how to argue like a lawyer.” Watch the clip here 🍊👉🏼
kryb12 38m ago
I'm sorry but I can't even fathom that my friends- yes, people I actually know in these pictures- just finished their Blooming Dale's shopping spree, compliments of Plexus.
It's no surprise I love the products but holy cow- can you imagine an all expense paid trip to Orlando, shopping spree at Bloomingdale's, free Lexus, free trip to Hawaii, and the "Diamond" income (see the pics). Do I love my 'real' job- heck yes! And I also love residual income!! I work my Plexus business 15min of every day b/c I want to help people find a healthier them. The extra income is a bonus.
#anyonecandothis #thatmeansyou #healthyfromtheinsideout #inspire #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #shoppingspree #dreamsdocometrue
What change did you bring this Diwali?
Walking through the streets, listening to hiss of crackers burning, something inside me crackled up. I decided to burn up the delusion in my life and brighten up my fortitude. The valour to bring a change – a change that I have been procrastinating for these many days and months, shine brightly within me.
I am resolute to light the lamp of my inner revolution and win over the darkness of my own limitations, win over the chances I never took and to make them my best till date, enlighten the dungeons of my negative thoughts and swerve, lighten up the lives of those with the wick of my will, look ahead, dissipate the shadows of the past and to win like never before.

Let this Diwali bring the change – not only in the nation, the city or the society, let this change be in you!

It’s time to bring Diwali within you. Clean up the clots. Start afresh. Sparkle the glow within.
#diwali #resolution #word #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld #riseandshine #nevergiveup #believeittoachieve #justbelieve #therealyou #bestversionofyourself #vision #dreamsdocometrue #success #staypositive #transformforlife #rangoli #motivation #gurgaon #delhi #mumbai #berlin #nri #desi #punjabi #german
More happy sellers and buyers! Congratulations to you all and it has been our pleasure to help make your dreams come true! We couldn't ask for better people to work with!
Finally rested from the last week! 7 kids vs. 6 parents was no joke. Walking around Disney with 3 strollers and an army of kids running around, you can say we were "that" group. It was hectic and exhausting, but it was so worth it to finally have a Disney trip with my Disney mama besties! #dreamsdocometrue #wedidit #aulaninext #thenacruise #disneymamas #disneyfamily #cheerswitches #partyof13 #halloweentimeatdisneyland
I am taking on a new perspective on life
I will be turning 50 yrs old in February
I am actually excited to start a new phase in life
Positive energy and thoughts
Like minded people #
Success and prosperity and loving myself
I am ready to learn ,explore and have the love of my life and never look back at old miscommunication, old thought patterns that are not lining up with who I am or what I need or want to do
I have forgiven myself for my mistakes and I will grow from them not live in regret
Everyday I strive to be a better me than the day before
I will not have lack or want
I am above not beneath
I am a Queen , Royalty
I have always been just needed to realize my full potential and life is about to really start for me 😁
I will soar with the eagles where I belong not roost with the chickens and turkeys
I am unstoppable and I believe in myself and not only do I build myself but others who are ready for the journey
Whose with me?
Love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘🔥🔥#limiltlesslife #love#success#dreamsdocometrue #travellingthroughtheworld #soulmates #tonyrobbinscoaching #fitforlife #ultimatelifestyle #lawsofattraction #lawsofattractionatwork #lawsofattractionplanner #lawsofattractiontofindsoulmate#myfuturehusband💍
I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have long hair, and now, thanks to this wig, I do. Thank you, Julia Roberts, for lending me your hair. #dreamsdocometrue
Make this proclamation to reignite the zeal you have for your proposed career.
Believe that you can do well in that field and work very hard to make it happen. The fact that you have the skills & passion for it does not mean there won't be difficult times. We don't ever want to see your in the list of people who forfeited dreams because of the trying times. You can and you will!

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