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Let's get the next 28 day challenge rolling with fun facts! Thanks for the tag @fitgirl_birdys 😚

1) I want my life to play out like an amazing Album - not as crazy as it sounds, but have you ever heard a song and thought, That is EXACTLY how I want such and such an even to play out? #dork
2) I love playing and dancing in the rain 💧💧💧 3) I have this amazing "screensaver" mode that turns on whenever I need to avoid emotional, mental burn out. (My desk partner cracks up because when it turns on I say the most random things and sing random songs, let's just say he is constantly in stitches) 😆

4) I'm a Scorpio - Sagittarius cusp which means I don't catch feels but when I do, OMG?! Let's just say I can be difficult and free spirited, depends on which hat I wanna wear when I wake up. #drjeckyllmrshyde 😂♏♐ 5) I love writing and creating, it's what I do when I need to distract myself from binge eating and boredom. 📖✏

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