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We thought we'd kick off Dorset Food Fortnight with an interesting #CheeseFact for you all… for every kilo of Dorset Blue Vinny cheese we make, it requires 10 litres of milk… that means that each of these individual cheeses is made up of approximately 60 litres of milk!! #DorsetBlueVinny #DorsetFoodFortnight #Cheese #Milk #BlueVinny #Dorset
For such a short time spent here we’ve made the most of it! It’s actually so so pretty down here 😍 definitely need to come back here - and I haven’t even left yet! 🌊🍹
Tiffanys Chicago Black
This dress is a simple style with lots of wow factor. The low back makes it glamorous especially trimmed with the silver beadwork. Then you have the gorgeous high-collar detail at the front. Very on-trend for those red-carpet moments in your life.
#prom #prom2017 #promdress #promdresses #exclusive #bournemouth #dorset #instadaily #fashion #instagood
Gooood morning 😬 It's a grey and wet day here in Dorset. As you know, I'm not a big fan of Mondays but today is a good Monday as the Hoomans have a whole week off work! They are going to see some band called @londongrammar this evening and I'm going to stay with my family in Warwick! Can't wait to see them! 🐾💕#monday #iactuallylikethismonday #nomondayblueshere
Love the pineapple ‘pumpkins’ from Bored Panda .... beats the usual carvings we see, but suspect we will still keep to tradition and carve a few pumpkins ourselves! 🎃 👻 🕷
We've just come back from a week off in Dorset. I'm feeling thoroughly rested and recharged 😊 It's funny how you don't realise how exhausted you are until you stop and that sometimes constantly being exhausted just becomes the norm 👎 Anyway, I thought I would squeeze in some work while I was away but guess what? I didn't! I hope you have some rest time planned too xxx

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