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User Image the_era_system Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:53 AM (UTC)
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(image borrowed from Pinterest) (long post below!) Just listening to "Saturn" by Sleeping At Last and feeling pretty lonely I guess. I realized that I'm not the original. I never will be. Any friends I have are friends with me because of the original before she split into Alecia and me and I just...I'm really sad about that. I also know that it's my own fault. I dont put myself out there and I have a lot of phobias that I haven't worked on. I always have my fur babies but sometimes I actually want other human beings around.
I always seem to gravitate to characters and people who have that one really close friend that theyd do anything for and vise versa and I just...I want that. I want to be so close to someone that everyone thinks we're together but we're not. I want that kind of relationship where I never have to doubt that I'm cared for and loved and wanted. And I dont mean in a romantic sense, I'm aromantic (slightly by choice) as well as asexual.
But I also know what a gift it is that I and this whole system exist. We may not have been planned by anyone but we are here because we survived. We helped each other survive and you know just the fact that we are here is pretty incredible and miraculous! The fact that we are all here and so different and unique and just...that we are ourselves is, at least to me, very amazing!
Sometimes I get down. Sometimes I get VERY down. Sometimes I have no idea how any of us are going to be able to keep on going but at times like this I know that we've come too far to quit now. We should try at least to keep going. I don't know how we'll do it but there's 12 of us! At least one of us at a time can have the strength to carry us forward. -Tess

#Tess #dissociativeidentitydisorder #did #saturn #songlyrics #space #borrowedpic #notmypic #sleepingatlast #longpost #hope #survivor #keepgoing #existenceisbeautiful #mpd #multiplepersonalitydisorder #depression
User Image helpful.freaks Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:41 AM (UTC)
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User Image kristinchronicles Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:22 AM (UTC)
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Meet Monika. 🌀🔹🌀 She’s just hit teenagehood & would be labeled “emo” by the other high school freshman. 🌀🔹🌀 Monika’s favourite pastime is eating junk food in front of the TV & then napping. 🌀🔹🌀 She always has her earbuds in or headphones on when she’s out of the house. 🌀🔹🌀 She rarely ever smiles & never shows her teeth when she does.
She has black hair, sometimes with the tips or underside dyed red or dark purple. 🌀🔹🌀 She has several ear piercings, including an industrial bar, 2 cartilage piercings, & 3 lobe piercings (per side). She always has snakebite lip piercings.
But she’s not allowed to wear those piercings right now, partially due to how society views it & us. 🌀🔹🌀 She’s a total introvert & despises being social, or around people at all. 🌀🔹🌀 Music preference: alternative rock, like Three Days Grace & Relient K, & screamo rock, like Underoath. 🌀🔹🌀 Monika’s favourite types of movies are scary thrillers & suspenseful action films.
She watches a wide variety, though, &, frankly, spends an excessive amount of time in front of the TV. 🌀🔹🌀 #KristinChronicles
User Image lil_b_ray Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:29 AM (UTC)
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New song dropped go listen link in my bio to my YouTube channel and go to my music #go #listen #hiphop #music #fire #did #that #cool #rap
User Image aonehotma Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:26 AM (UTC)
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Struggling like normal with my daughter who's school promotes her behind and bad behaviors... she gets worse and harder to manage by the day. Bright side: she was seen displaying autistic behaviors while getting her broken ankle casted in Mary Bridge Tacoma Ortho peds unit and done a solid by the nurse that I flagged down... and we now, have an appointment with a specialist scheduled for December 13th with their pediatric behavioral unit. I've been trying to get her there for the last 3 years... and she's been in special education on an IEP for most of that time. My daughter is most likely mild or high functioning but she's only gotten worse and worse in the time wasted and I fear that she's gone too far to recover from. I have spent the day on my credit stressing to buy her Christmas presents but still depleted from last month's birthday and Halloween. My daughter doesn't understand finances and thanks to her school swears that I won't be bothered to care for her and due to my finances will be let down and feeling neglected and self conscious and unimportant unless I can do like always and perform tricks and miracles. And on top of it: she's been demanding and defiant all damn day and annihilating my apartment instead of cleaning like I asked. Also, she's convinced that it's free to Build a Bear and relentlessly demanding that I take her there. It does no good to do any of the things that other parents do like take away her toys or punish her because she just takes it to heart that you're wronging her or punishing her because you hate her and the lesson is wasted. I'm just overwhelmed and venting because at this point no advise helps. I am not asking for money or favor either...she has way more than most children do. It's just part of why I have resorted to pulling my hair out and self-destructing and falling victim to my #complexptsd and #complexptsdnightterrors and #DID and swearing I've been #forsaken
User Image 24_merfe_77 Posted: Jul 12, 2017 6:01 AM (UTC)
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Paradise is #being #able to say at that moment: 'I made some mistakes, but I wasn't a coward. I lived my #life and I #did what I had to do.' ALEPH

“Cooler Than Me” (Mike Posner) cover song. 💠🔹💠 My voice slightly changes as I dissociate & a different alter takes the lead. 💠🔹💠 #KristinChronicles
User Image lateshadore Posted: Nov 19, 2017 3:11 AM (UTC)
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User Image rooftang Posted: Nov 19, 2017 1:24 AM (UTC)
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LOVING the look and feel of these Native Plants and Birds Coloring Books, I put in a lot of love (and late nights) into illustrating these, and LOVE how they look and feel as a finished product, #Grateful! BigUps @PtwEdutainment ~ Offering a SPECIAL DEAL 2 BOOKS for $25, Churpity Churrp! #ThePurrfectStockingFiller #KidsOfAllAges #ItsLikeAJungleSometimes #Manu #Kea #Kaka #Kereru #Tui #Harakeke #Kauri #Trees #Birds #Life #wildlife #bush #Kaupapa #Driven #ProtectPapatuanuku #TuMeke #results #DoingIt #done #did #Mahi #TeReo #Reo #illustrator #WhatDoYouDo

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