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I should be asleep right now (almost midnight here and 3am back home) but I'm laying down in a cabin in the woods just thinking about how incredible it has been to be with these badass women, see @iamspecialized HQ, meet so many people I've only known via the Internet, ride my most intense MTB ride to date (so freaking fun btw), and learn so much - I mean dang, I only just landed Wednesday night! I'm trying to post as much as the Internet, or sometimes lack there of, will allow me on IG stories so definitely check it out! We have been doing a lot of awesome things and I'm only here until Sunday! I can't thank the @iamspecialized_wmn fam enough for this incredible trip and for our mission to GET MORE GIRLS ON BIKES 🙌 - my favorite part. 🤘🏻#iamspecialized #whatsworthit

#mtbgirl #mtb #cycling #girlswhoshred #demoforrest
A bit misty on the hills of demo today but an excellent 2017 ride with White Lightning to the top and Black Mamba all the way down! #sawmilltrail #4x4 #off-road #demoforrest #weride #fullsendfortheboys
Rice Lake was literally mirror still today, saw a couple cool mushrooms on the way back too!
@dealeoh slaying the trail with the massive bunny hop. Hahaha. Such an awesome rude. @lordfern #santacruz #nisenemarks #demoforrest #flowtrail